Is It Possible To Keep A Healthy Waistline At Christmas

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*This is a collaborative post*

No matter if you love the Christmas celebrations or if you do not celebrate it as part of your culture, the end-of-year festivities can often lead to indulgence. This may be found in large meals that bring the family together, the consumption of alcohol or baked goods. These items can seem in vast supply, and it’s no wonder we feel tempted.

Should you feel bad about being tempted and eating or drinking more than your fair share? Of course not. One or two days of gluttony in the context of being surrounded by your loved ones and having stress-free fun is of course warranted. Perhaps that may even turn into a week, or two weeks, depending on what you are personally comfortable with.

But is it even possible to keep a healthy waistline at Christmas? Those of us interested in keeping ourselves healthy may wish to have this question answered. Is it possible at this time of year? Can we balance fun, indulgence, and good decision making? Well, it will be a challenge. But with the following advice, we hope you can benefit:

Try New, Filling Recipes

Try new, filling recipes that give you something to look forward to and a means to enjoy time in the kitchen. Too often we can feel that Christmas time is a time of cooking obligation instead of enjoying our time in the kitchen. This is where Our Top Gluten-Free Recipes can contribute to the understanding that healthy winter meals needn’t be unhealthy, but they can be just as tasty as any other indulgent option, if not more so.

Quality Over Quantity

Try to eat higher quality foods instead of many of them. Do you really need two or three helpings of a Christmas meal when you can have one exquisite plateful? After 10 minutes, when the food fully moves to our stomachs, we can begin to feel satiated anyway. Better one beautiful bottle of wine shared with a relative than four consumed over a period of a week. When you adjust your spending habits in this way you can make more of an occasion out of everything you consume, and that in itself can feel lovely.

Save Indulgence For The Good Stuff

Of course, indulgence is sure to be a motivation of yours this festive period. We couldn’t blame you. But instead of simply choosing something because it tastes good, how about we save indulgence for the good stuff? Instead of mindlessly eating chocolate snacks that were magically found in our Christmas stocking, enjoying that beautiful cake we baked with our family can help everyone come together and enjoy something more sustaining and more appreciated. When you save indulgence for the items that matter, you needn’t feel guilty about partaking, because you know it was in celebration of the event instead of through a lax in your discipline.

With this approach, we hope you can keep a healthy waistline through Christmas. But even if you struggle with this, you still deserve just as wonderful a Christmas as you could probably hope for.