My Interview with Simon Rimmer | Hoover Brand Ambassador

I have spoken in the past about my love of TV Chefs, and how I they really helped to spark my culinary creativity when I was younger. 

One of my personal favourites is Simon Rimmer, who is on our TV screens every weekend presenting Sunday Brunch on Channel 4. Not only this, but he is the actual inventor of pulled pork! As you will hear on the Podcast interview, this isn't a long running joke between him and Simon, as Wiki would suggest, but is a fact!

Aside from his TV and presenting work, he is a very successful restaurant owner with multiple restaurants that he has been running for many years. He's from Liverpool, and supports the best football team in the world, Liverpool FC (can you tell support them too?)

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to catch up with Simon Rimmer recently to discuss his Brand Ambassador role with Hoover.

He was incredibly passionate about his Brand Ambassador Role, and you could tell that his extensive knowledge will really help promote the brand and their amazing products. 

Hoover is an incredibly well recognised brand name, but a lot of us would associate them with vacuum cleaners etc.

Hoover actually have an impressive portfolio of ovens, hobs, hoods and sous vide models. Simon has come on board with them to help show them off and show how passionate Hoover are about cooking.

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You can hear the full interview on my Podcast here:

Simon has shared some of his delicious recipes on the Hoover website:

Check out the Hoover website for more information on their products. You can catch Simon every Sunday on Sunday Brunch, Channel 4. Look out for his videos with Hoover as well!