My Favourite TV Chefs & TV Cookery Shows

When I was younger I used to love watching cooking shows. This was long before I was ever able to cook or even old enough to be in the kitchen, I just liked watching how things were made and all the different ingredients. This is probably where my interest in cooking initially came from and is something I still enjoy doing now. I have always dreamed of having my own cookery TV show, perhaps one day I will get there!

I love that weekend mornings seem to be dedicated to cooking shows and I always sit down to watch them while I work, especially now that we have our new Panasonic Oled 4K TV. The food looks better than it would in real life! There is nothing better than being sat inside on a rainy, cold autumn day and watching some delicious food get prepared by the experts! I thought I would honour one of my favourite past times and write about some of my favourite TV chefs and how they have inspired me.

Tom Kerridge

I was lucky enough to meet Tom at a recent food show. He was one of the stars of the day that were up on stage giving us a cookery masterclass. He was just as much the legend that I had hoped he would be, down to earth, friendly, captivating on stage, and nice enough to stop and get a picture with a crazy fan like me!

He is also a fellow Slimmer and has shed an incredible amount of weight, so is a massive inspiration to me for that alone! I have his low calorie cooking book and his recipes are a really easy to follow and always come out delicious. Although his is a Michelin starred chef, I find he cooks good proper, honest food that isn't too fancy- which is exactly my style of cooking!

Nigella Lawson

What's not to love about Nigella? She's hot, posh, and creates delicious food! I think that when I was younger, Nigella was who I wanted to grow up and be- some kind of gorgeous domestic goddess! She isn't stick thin and most men I know fancy her. 

I was watching one her her shows recently and she was cooking by candlelight and making it look so sexy and easy! If I tried cooking in the almost pitch black, I know lots of swearwords would come out my mouth as I kept knocking everything over and burning myself!!

Sunday Brunch

This one wasn't around when I was younger and living at home, but it has grown to be one of my favourites in adult life! Sunday brunch combines cooking elements with a classic magazine style show with guests and music. Simon and Tim make such a great duo together and make it really fun and engaging to watch. 

It was thanks to Simon Rimmer that I first discovered how to make your own pulled pork, a recipe that I have been reusing for years.

Jamie Oliver

If we ignore how much I loved turkey twizzlers, and how sad I am they're gone (even though it was for our own good!) Jamie Oliver is another one of my favourites. I used to watch him when he was a scruffy so and so, living in his bachelor pad in London as 'The Naked Chef'.

He again creates really delicious, simple home cooked meals that focus on flavours. Although he is older than me, I feel like I have grown with him. The Naked Chef came out in 1999, and he's still a household name all these years later!

His Cheese toastie recipe and his garlic kiev recipe are to die for!

Do you have a favourite TV chef or TV Cookery show?