The Best Kitchen Gadgets You Wont Stop Using

*I earn a few pennies if you happen to click and buy any of these items, but all recommendations are honest and my own*

I am sure we have all been guilty of buying a new kitchen gadget, using it once or twice, then as soon as the novelty wears off, it lives in the back of your cupboard. 

I have had countless useless gadgets over the years, that I was obsessed with for about 10 minutes and then never used again. There was the egg boiler (what was wrong with the saucepan?), or what about the cake pop maker (Used literally twice).

There are some gadgets though that I have used over and over again, and couldn't cope without now. I've put together my ultimate list of recommended products, that are amazing if you love cooking and eating healthily.

Whether you are looking for yourself, or to gift the foodie in your life, I got you covered!

Slow Cooker

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I am a fan of a slow cooker and slow cooking! There is nothing better than coming home from work and smelling the dinner slowly cooking away. I have loads of Slow Cooker Recipes that you try out in it!

This one is cheap, a decent size, and does everything you need it to.

Air Fryer

My TeFal Actifry is one of the best purchases I have made for my kitchen. It really produces some delicious chips that are made with minimal oil, but there are also loads of other recipes that you can make in one, like my chicken fried rice.

Chip Maker

If you have got your Air Fryer, then you need a way to make chips even quicker and easier! This chipper is perfect, and makes great chip shapes for you every time.

Cheese Grater 

This isn't just any old grater, this one actually grates the cheese up to much finer pieces, meaning you get more mass out of your cheese. This is great if you are limited in how much you can have!

JML Pans

If you're going to be cooking without oil, then it is very important to have non stick pans. I was sent some of the JML Copperstone Pans for review, and have been using them ever since.

Decent Knives

It is worth investing in a decent set of knives. I have used really cheap ones historically, but as soon as I gave a high quality one a go I never looked back.

Any Sharpe Knife Sharpener

Now you have your knives sorted, you need to have a decent sharpener for them! This is another item I was previously sent as review, and absolutely loved.

Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine

This is a great bit of kit if you cook a lot of meat. It's design means the fat drains away as you cook, making it a lot healthier.

Soda Stream

For any fizzy drinks lover that is looking to save some money and maybe some calories, you need to get a soda stream in your life! Creating fizzy out of water, you can use sugar free squash for flavour.

Instant Pot

This is one of the newest additions to mu kitchen, and I really like it! It's basically the opposite of a slow cooker, and cooks stuff quickly. I love this Peppercorn  Beef Instant Pot Recipe.