Why Is Indian Cuisine So Popular In The UK?

*This is a collaborative post*

There are a whole host of fabulous restaurants around the country whereby you can choose to enjoy a great evening with family or friends. This is great because it means that you are faced with a lot of choice. Nevertheless, it can also make it more difficult when it comes to making a decision regarding where to go. 

However, one type of restaurant which is certainly booming in popularity in England is Indian cuisine. More and more people are enjoying the succulent food and the warm atmosphere which is provided in Indian restaurants, and this article will delve a little bit deeper into why they are so popular.

First and foremost, the basis of a great restaurant obviously lies within the food that they service. Indian food is something which is generally loved by many people, and there is always something new and exciting to tantalise your taste buds with. Indian food is well suited to restaurants and provides the perfect way to make an occasion of something. There are lots of herbs and spices involved in Indian cooking and thus the tastes are intricate and inviting. Nevertheless, Britain is generally known as a place which is not accustomed to as much heavy spices and thus you can find dishes which are catered to the more delicate palette, such as the ever popular chicken tikka masala. 

Moreover, there is a lot more to the food than the actual taste of it. This is because a lot of the food made is influenced by religion and culture and so a visit to an Indian restaurant is actually something which is very enlightening and interesting, and so you can learn something new and make the most of your experience. After all; doesn’t a trip to an Indian restaurant sound a lot more exciting and intriguing than a visit to a pizza place? 

In addition to this, you simply cannot ignore the fantastic atmosphere found in an Indian restaurant. From the classy to the laid back restaurants with bistro tables, there are Indian establishments for all occasions. First and foremost, the beautiful aroma of Indian spices creates warmth and is extremely inviting. Furthermore, a lot of Indian restaurants tend to be decorated in some traditional art and adornments with lots of gold and warm colours taking centre stage. This also adds a lot to the whole experience as the place really enhances the dining experience and makes it an occasion to remember. 

A final point worth noting is that an Indian cuisine can actually be a healthy option and thus you do not need to feel like you are overindulging. If you stay away from cream based dishes then you are likely to benefit from a low calorie and low fat meal. Moreover, you can treat yourself to a desert without having to worry about the extra calories. This is because Indian deserts tend to be a lot healthier for you than other deserts.

All in all, it is not hard to see why more and more people are choosing to have an exciting and memorable night out at one of the many Indian restaurants; the food is delicious, the atmosphere warm and inviting, you can enjoy a healthy option and you can embrace a new culture – what’s not to love?