Poundshop.com Slimming Friendly Shopping Haul

*This is a collaborative post with poundshop.com. They provided me with a voucher to use on their site. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own*

It's no secret that I love a bargain, and love food! Whether it's meal planning, meal prepping, or creating budget friendly dishes, I always try and save time and money where I can. 

I love going out and visiting budget shops and getting loads of cupboard food and kitchen gadgets. The only issue is that I am usually visiting on foot, and buy way more stuff than my arms can manage to carry home!

Poundshop.com got in touch with me and challenged me to do a slimming friendly shopping haul in their online store! They stock a lot of products that are low sugar and calories, that can be used alongside the Slimming World and Weight Watchers plans.

Better still, I can sit and browse the whole online store from the comfort of my sofa, instead of having to venture out the house. They offer next day delivery too!

I wanted to see all the low cost things I could get for under £50 that are slimming friendly, or at least help with a healthy lifestyle. 

There were so many options to choose from, and I wasn't just restricted to food. There were a few handy kitchen items that I couldn't resist getting!

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Slimming Friendly Foods

Beanies Cookie Dough Coffee 50g £2 Fancy coffees from high street coffee stores may be delicious, but they are definitely not slimming friendly as standard! 

Beanies are a popular brand amongst slimmers, as their coffee flavours are only 2 calories per cup, making them syn free. There are loads of flavours to choose from, 

These sauces have also been super popular amongst slimmers as they are crazy low in syns. Crucials Yoghurt & Mint Dressing 500m £1, works out at 3 syns pr tablespoon. Great to go with a kebab! 

Crucials Smoky BBQ Sauce 500ml £1 is only 0.5 syns per tablespoon, which is great for a BBQ sauce. Perfect for when you can't be bothered to make your own!

Crucials Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce 500ml £1 is only 0.5 syns per tablespoon, so it's another great low syn addition to have in the food cupboard. 

Mug Shot Snack Stop Cheese 60g £1 are only 3 syns per packet, and are super easy to make and have in a rush.

Cirio Tomato Puree 140g £1 and the Napolina Chopped Tomatoes 390g £3 are super useful to have in the cupboard as they go so well in loads of sauces, and are the base of loads of different healthy dinners.

Some of my favourite chopped tomato based healthy dishes

Harry Ramsden's Chinese Style Curry Sauce 48g £1 is 169 calories for the whole pack, so around 4.5 syns per portion.

Golden Wonder Cup Soup Tomato 3 Pack £1, another quick and easy warm snack, and for only 5 syns.

These Pepsi Max 330ml are 3 for £1, and are a great syn free drink to keep in the fridge.

Some store cupboard essentials. Batchelors Cup A Soup Chicken 81g 4 Pack £1, 5 syns per cup. These are great to take to work, or to just have handy for a warm snack. Sarsons Worcester Sauce 150ml £1 is a must have for any home cook and slimmer. It's used in so many sauces and meals. 

Nando's Coat and Cook Medium 120g £1 is only half a syn per level tablespoon.

The Black Pepper Grinder 40g £1 and Sea Salt Grinder 110g £1 were too cheap and handy not to have in the cupboard. 

Oxo Cubes Beef 12's £1 are another store cupboard essential. Used in many sauces and meals, especially my Syn Free Roast Potatoes

Burton's Fish N Chips Salt & Vinegar Snacks 5 Pack £1 are only 124 calories per bag, which is roughly 6 syns per packet. 

My favourite brand of beans has to be these Branston Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g x3 for £2. I feel like the sauce is thicker and richer than other brands. These are 3 tins for £1!

Amoy Thick Noodle 300g £1 are perfect for any stir fry or Chinese themed food. 2 syns for the whole pouch.

All slimmers will know of these bars, Alpen Chocolate & Caramel Cereal Bars 5 x 95g £1 and 
Alpen Light Double Chocolate Cereal Bars 5 Pack £1. 2 bars can be used as your HEb choice, or just 3 Syns each.

Cadbury Mini Fingers Bags 5 Pack £1 are 111 calories per bag, which is 5.5 syns per bag.
Pack 6 Cadbury Animal Minibags £1 are only 107 calories each, so 5.5 syns as per bag as well. 

I don't know about anyone else, but I need to have a little sweet fix every now and again. It stops me from going off the rails completely and binging! These Twix White Fingers 9 Pack £2 are really tasty and only 115 calories each, or 6 syns.

Pink & White Marshmallows 250g £1 are only 1 syn each, so are a super sweet and low syn snack. They are also delicious in a coffee, so are a good match with the Beanies coffee! Fizzy Bananas 180g £1 come in a 180g box, and work out approximately 2 syns for a 20g portion.

Cadbury Fudge 5 Pack £1 are super tasty, and this multi-pack gives you five 5.5 syn bars to enjoy.

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Kitchen & Slimming Accessories

You need to be as prepared for your lunches as you do any other meal. It's much harder to find something healthy to eat while you're out and about. This Cool Bag Small £1 and the Metal Drinks 
Bottle Pink 700ml £1 are perfect for keeping your lunch cool and yourself hydrated.

Some more accessories that every slimmer needs are microwave tubs and Mini Storage Boxes Pink 6 Pack £1Microwave Containers 6 Pack 650ml £1 are similar to the containers you get from a takeaway, so are great for that Fakeaway feel, or even just to use as a lunchbox or container. 

This Lunch Box and Cutlery Set Blue £3 comes with the cutlery, a sauce pot, and a lunchbox that is separated into the different compartments.

Check out some take to work lunch ideas

If, like me, you are a fan of a Slow Cooker Recipe, then these bags could be for you. Slow Cooker Bags 5 Pack £1, line your slow cooker, which saves on washing up! They also seal in flavour as well.

If you're going to be in the kitchen more, then you need to at least look good! This Poly Cotton Apron £2 says 'Don't Blame the Chef, Blame the Prosecco'!

For the winter months, this Microwave Soup Mug - Pink £1 is perfect or transporting soup as well as heating it up in the microwave.

Want to have your own Poundshop haul? Use code SUGARPINK5 for 5% off your order!! This is not an affiliate link, just a discount for my readers :)

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