How a good night’s sleep is so essential to health

Alongside exercise and a good diet, sleep is the next best thing to maintain one’s overall health. It helps the body recharge and can also give you some respite from life’s obstacles. From here, numerous benefits follow that improve your mental and physical wellbeing, which in turn means that you should never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep!  
But what are these improvements, specifically? Well, there’s numerous rewards to reap here, so ensure your room is designed to allow quality sleep or switch up your schedule to improve your quality of sleep – you’re about to receive some fresh motivation for a snooze!  
Consequently, here’s how a good night’s sleep is so essential to your health. 

Weight loss

Many people attribute weight gain with excessive eating and a lack of exercise. While these are certainly big contributors, they’re not always the root causes of putting on the pounds. In fact, numerous studies have shown that regularly disrupted sleep also causes weight gain, altering the metabolism and improving the body’s capacity to store fat. 

After all, sleep alters the body greatly, slowing it down into a restful state. When that state fluctuates and bounces around between being active and inactive numerous times, things will spiral out of control. There’s more time to eat (which is inadvisable anyway at night-time), and less motivation to exercise from the exhaustion, having consequences to your health later down the line.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits at normal eating times, and don’t consume junk food immediately before bed. Additionally, perhaps go for a night-time jog before you call it a night, then have a shower. That way, you’re at least being proactive at reasonable times.  

Boosting mental health

When you don’t sleep well, you naturally feel awful. That much isn’t rocket science, and most people have experienced a groggy awakening or two. However, as it can cause things like a lack of motivation, it can have a negative impact on an individual’s mental health. After all, many people need to view these things positively for their overall self-esteem. 

Therefore, sleep can be incredibly important in accessing the real you! You’ll be yourself in your day-to-day shenanigans, more genuine in your interactions with people, and more alert to any problems and concerns in your life. Put on some relaxing music or have a warm and soothing bath before bedding down – you’ll drift away comfortably in no time! 

Combatting illness

The stop-start nature of disrupted sleep can trigger numerous illnesses; such as heart disease and stroke. Further chronic diseases can also surface, as the bodies inability to properly rest causes it to grow weaker and, overtime, break down in its capabilities and safeguards. A lack of sleep can also wreak havoc on your blood pressure. Fitness and mental health are important, but life-threatening ailments follow on after their decline. 

However, when your body has had ample opportunities for respite, an energised immune system will work wonders for you. Your body will simply be in better shape to deal with any harmful germs and doses of bad luck that come your way. Why risk it? 


In taking your sleeping schedule seriously, your quality of life will drastically improve not just temporarily, but forever! Make sure you get those precious 8 hours, and chances are you’ll be in good shape and of sound mind well into your elder years.