How You Can Use Food to Get to Know Your Date

You just met someone special on Naughty Date and they are coming over for dinner. Did you know that sharing a meal with someone can help you get to know them better than a typical date? Looking for certain things while you prepare to eat, eat, and then clean up can tel you a lot about your partner. That’s why we’re going to look at the different ways that you can get to know your date right here.

Food Preferences

First and foremost, you are going to learn about your partner’s preferences for food. That’s pretty basic for the most part, but it is very necessary if you are going to have a relationship. You want to learn about what they like and what they don’t. This can occur before they even step foot in your house. You can just ask them if they like chicken Parmesan, for example, and see what they say.

Their Intimacy and Comfort Level

Another thing that you can assess just by cooking for your date is their level of intimacy. This
can be assessed in a few ways. For starters, you can ask your partner for some help while you’re in the kitchen. They might leap at the opportunity and not be afraid of bumping into you as you drain the pasta and they prepare the sauce. On the other hand, they might be someone that is slow to warm up to another person. They might not hop right into the kitchen. Either way, you learn about your partner.

Are They Capable of Cooking?

One of the other useful things that food can teach you about a partner is if they’re capable of cooking. Ask them to cook something with you or have them tell you about the foods that they like to cook the most. You’ll get a good idea about whether or not they are good at cooking or if they even enjoy the act of the cooking pretty quickly. Don’t shame them, though. If they don’t cook much, then you just found something that the two of you can use for future dates.

Do They See You as a Partner or a Servant?

Take this recommendation with a grain of salt since your date is a guest in your home. After you are finished eating your meal and it’s time to clean up, you can see if your date is willing to come in and help you clean up. If they step in and wash or dry the dishes, then you have someone that is willing to be a partner. If they don’t offer to help, it might be a sign that they see you as someone that is going to clean up after them. 

However, since this is their first time in your house and they’re your guest, you might want to look for the positive side to this or not look at it at all. Just keep it in mind when you go over their place and see what comes of it.

Overall, there are a lot of things that you can learn about a date just by paying attention during a meal. Whether you are learning about something inane about their preferred food, you can also learn about a person’s personality. You can learn about their cooking skills, how they feel about intimacy, and the way that they see their date just by cooking with them in your place. While it’s worth noting that one date shouldn’t sway you either way, you can still learn a fair amount from a single meal.