I'm thinking of starting a Twitch channel...

When I'm not working, blogging or cooking, you will find me playing video games. This is something that often surprises people, because I don't necessarily look like your typical 'gamer girl'. I like my make up, false lashes and false nails, but the truth is, I am just a massive geek!

I have been playing video games for years, and love an FPS (first person shooter). I first fell in love with games when I discovered the original Halo game for Xbox. My boyfriend and I both enjoy gaming, and often game together. We usually play Xbox One but also have a Nintendo Switch

My current game of choice is Apex Legends, which is the 'next evolution' of  Battle Royal games. This basically means that everyone gets dropped onto an island without any weapons or armour, and it is a battle to be the last man standing. 

There is an area of the map that you have to be within, which continually shrinks through the match, forcing you and your opponents into a small area to fight each other. You have to find everything you need to survive. You may have heard of Fortnight, well I much prefer Apex.

Thanks to the rise of Youtube, people have managed to forge careers from gaming. Lots of people nowadays spend more time watching others play games, than playing games themselves! Twitch is a platform where people live steam themselves playing games so others can watch.

I have always liked the idea of having my own channel, because I could pass it off as a purpose for gaming, and maybe even earn some money if I was to ever get established. There's just one small issue in that, I'm not really that amazing at games.

I love to play them, I have a great time, and think I can certainly hold my own amongst online players. But I'm not amazing, I wouldn't call myself a talent or anything like that, so would anyone really want to watch a channel of me being, well, average?

I am really jumpy when I play games, and often scream when people jump around a corner, so perhaps that could be funny? I occasionally have a strike of brilliance and pull off some double kills with one bullet, but the genius is few and far between.

Like anything though, I don't think I will ever know if there is interest unless I actually give it a go. There was a time 6 years ago where I was debating whether to start a food blog, and here I am almost 4 million views later.

So here is my Twitch profile, you never know, I may be streaming soon!