Baby on Board: Driving with Babies

* This is a contributed post * 

I know that a lot of parents read my blog, as well as a lot of first time mums. I was recently sent this study on drivers with babies, and found some of the findings extremely interesting! 

I have always been a bit of a Geek, and love studies, surveys and data like this.

Did you know that 37% of parents aged 25-34 have been in an accident while the baby was in the car? This statistic seems scarily high to me! Being in a car accident is horrible enough, but is that much more extreme when there are young ones in the car too.

Another statistic I found interesting was the number of people that said they have gone out in the car for the sole purpose of calming the baby down and trying to get them off to sleep!

Do you feel comfortable driving with a baby in the car? A lot of people don't, and also take a long time to feel confident in doing so.

What fact do you find most interesting from the below?