Healthy Food Hacks - Make Your Diet Healthier

Healthy Food Hacks

Healthy food hacks are a passion of mine! It can be really hard to stick to a specific diet plan, especially if you are following one where you have to pay to attend a weight in club. 

There are so many different diet plans available now that is is also hard to decide which one would be right for you. Others opt for powder supplements in their healthy diet as it is much easier, readily available and as potent as the fresh ones. Learn on best greens powder available in the market today

I have lot's of recipes on my website that are low calorie, low fat and low sugar, but it can be hard to try out new recipes all the time.

There are actually lots of ways that you can make your diet healthier, without having to commit to a specific plan. I've put together this list of my favourite healthy food hacks to help you get started on a healthier diet.

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Swap your meat for low fat meat

Healthy Food Hacks - Make Your Diet Healthier

Swapping out your meat choices for a lower fat version is one of the easierst ways to cut down on your fat intake. for example swap your usual beef mince for 5% fat beef mince. Get bacon medallions instead of the bacon with fat on, and remove the skin off your chicken. 

Get as much colour on your plate as possible

Healthy Food Hacks - Make Your Diet Healthier

Try and fill your plate with more veg by adding as many colours as possible to the plate. The more colourful the items your have on there, the more variety your are likely to have on there.

Try out a 'fakeaway' instead of a takeaway

Healthy Food Hacks - Make Your Diet Healthier

Instead of giving into temptation and ordering a takeaway, try and make a healthier version of your favourites at home. I love to make my own Chinese, Indian, KFC and Nandos.

Swap cream/dairy/mayo for low fat alternatives

Use 0% fat Greek yogurt instead of mayo, fat free fromage frais instead of cream and quark instead of cream cheese. All have much less fat and far fewer calories.

Yoghurt makes the base of a great dressing and Quark and fromage frais are perfect for making creamy sauces without the fat content.

Eat wholegrain bread instead of white bread

I really love white bread so much, but the truth is that it is just not that good for you! Whole grain is better for you, and is also packed with fibre.

Use Cauliflower as mash, rice or pizza bases

Healthy Food Hacks - Make Your Diet Healthier

Cauli actually makes for a really delicious mashed potato alternative or even a garlic bread base. It can also be used as a rice alternative, which means you are cutting down on the carbs and increasing your vegetable in take.

Prepare your lunches ahead 

If I don't make my lunch the night before, I find that I am much more likely to to buy something on the way instead. I have lots of suggestions for easy take to work lunches that can be made ahead.