Simple ways to make your home cosier this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time for feeling cosy, snugly and all things warm in your home. The tree
lights are flickering, there’s a festive buzz in the air and small things you can do in your home will
only intensify it all. With a few simple additions, you can make a big impact on the ambience in your home.


Whilst you might already have throws scattered around the home all-year round, it’s time to update
them with Christmassy prints. Such things like snowflakes and penguins, will give you all the festive


Whilst you can add in some temporary light additions to your home to give it a cosier feeling at
Christmas, such things like light up decorations, twinkling fairy lights on the tree or lining rooms can
definitely have a big impact. We also love the idea of more permanent cosy lighting additions, such
things like plinth lights can make your kitchen feel a little cosier, or shelf lighting in the living room,
all add an ambient effect. Check out Light Supplier for some great options for more permanent types of cosy lighting you can have in your home.

Candles, diffusers and wax melts

As soon December descends it’s time to put away the pumpkin scents and lift out all things
Christmas. Whatever Christmas scent if your favourite, it’s time to coat the whole house in it. Place
diffusers around the home, like in the hallway so the scent is always drifting through the home. Then
use candles and wax melts to add gorgeous scents and great a serene effect in the rooms you’re
going to be in a lot.

Christmas tree scent

If you prefer not to have a real tree in your home at Christmas, but still want the scent of one, we
love the scent sticks you can now purchase to place on the branches of your faux tree to give it a
gorgeous smell that envelops the whole room. Perfect for those who don’t want to have to clear up
tree bristles every day.