Retro Kids Toys

The other day while we were watching TV, some random children's toys advert came on. This seemed a little out of place, considering we were watching live TV at gone 10pm, not exactly prime kids TV time. It was an advert directed straight at children too! It got me thinking about how I used to love seeing all the toy adverts in the run up to Christmas when I was younger, and all the many toys I always wanted (but didn't end up getting!) Nowadays it seems that phones, tablets and games consoles are more popular than good old fashioned toys amongst children. I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane about some of the toys that were around while I was growing up, and some that are still around now!

I remember having a pair of these when I was very very young. I don't remember ever being any good on them, and probably fell over more than I stood upright! They were adjustable so that as your feet grew, so could the skates.

These were all the rage in the 90s, and I think they have even come back into fashion a few times! Before phones and tablets, there were tamagotchi. The highest tech virtual pet that had originated from Japan. 

Furbys! These things used to scare me a little, those eyes can look into your soul! I've never really been a fan of robot type things, and while these a fury and cute, they always looked like robots to me!

Lego is one of these toys that has actually stuck with me until adult life! Only last Christmas I got 2 new 'girl' Lego sets, including a recording studio and a kitchen. I love getting stuck in and making new creations. There is so so much more available no than there was then. 

I feel like these toys would never be allowed now due to health and safety! You used to pull a sting and the doll would spin around and stick the wings out, take off and fly away! I really liked mine, but never sent it flying much. I wonder how many children got hurt with these things?

I have always loved singing, and it was probably this echo mic that got me into it! I spent hours singing in to one of these, doing performances for my toys! Looking back now, it was pretty rubbish. A neon mic that just distorted your voice and gave you a small amount of echo. But it was a much for any 90s wannabe pop star child!

Polly Pocket! These miniature toys were a firm favourite of mine. The original Polly Pocket dolls came in pocket-size cases, with elaborate homes out inside. These a still a thing now, but they aren't as miniature any more. 

What's your favourite toys from childhood? Let me know in the comments below.