Is your house as clean as you think it is? 6 places we all forget to clean!

Coughs, colds, sneezes, sniffles, flu, vomiting and everything else in-between, many of us know winter has arrived because of the influx of bugs and viruses that spread through our homes like wildfire. We all do our best to keep our homes clean and bacteria free, even more so when there are small children or those with weaker immune systems at home, but are we remembering to clean all those hard to reach places? And what about those places that no one thinks about?
Unsure of what I mean? Well, read on for 6 places we all forget to clean!

The skirting boards

The skirting boards serve as a barrier between our furniture and the walls. They prevent things like
scuffs and scratches and other damage. But when was the last time you cleaned yours? Even if your
skirting boards are new and from the skirtings r us store, skirting boards act almost like a shelf,
collecting all the dust and dead skin cells and allowing us to breathe them all in. Next time you’re
dusting don’t forget to get down on the floor and wipe those skirting boards. Keeping on top of it
will certainly mean making less work for yourself in the future.

Throw pillows

Now the colder weather is here, we’ve all dug out our extra throw pillows, cushions and blankets
and have them ready and waiting to snuggle up with when its cold and dark outside. But, what about
all the bacteria and dirt they’ve collected? We’re all used to washing our pillows and pillow cases but
throw pillows and scatter cushions often get forgotten. Wash them frequently to keep them looking
and smelling great.

Door handles

Door handles get touched so many times during the day, from the bathroom to the kitchen, bedroom and living room, even the front and back doors. Your hands might be clean, but what about everyone else’s? Giving the door handles a clean with some antibacterial wipes or spray will kill any nasty bugs or viruses that can easily spread. It’ll only take two minutes to do all the handles in the house.

Light switches

Just like door handles, light switches are also neglected when it comes to our cleaning routines.
Make sure you add them to your cleaning schedule.


Houseplants are good for our mental health and they also purify the air around us. But whether your
houseplants are real or fake, you need to remember to include them in your cleaning schedule. Think of all those broad leaves and all the dust and dead skin cells they collect. Cleaning your houseplants will not only keep them looking good, but it’ll be good for them too. A simple way to do this is to put them under the shower for a minute or two and let them rinse off.

Light fixtures

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned a light fixture? Add it to your cleaning schedule!