How to Refresh Your Kitchen Without A Remodelling

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A well-crafted kitchen decor when complemented with the modern and rustic style makes it feel homey and warm. Even a bright colourful wall makes it appear practical and heartwarming. Modern fixtures with charming and rustic touches light up the kitchen atmosphere and give it a casual, simple yet elegant makeover. A lovable and interestingly decorated kitchen is a place where we love to spend some intimate time with our family and closest ones. Here are some wonderful ideas for redesigning the kitchen area without having to remodel.

1. Redesigning with artificial plants: Residences that lack proper lighting can be redesigned with artificial plants. We can place planters with refreshed green plants on the kitchen shelves or maybe on top of the refrigerator. Artificial wreaths consisting of amazing flowers can decorate the kitchen without draining our bank account. If we buy some season-friendly floral wreaths all equally consisting of silk plants, rotation of the floral designs can give our kitchen a refreshing look every season. It can even work as a superb kitchen door design. Arrangements with artificial plants can make the kitchen look colourful and luxurious giving it a polished, smart appearance and is also is low-maintenance. With a small budget, we can always mix and match the real plants with their faux counterparts. If we combine artificial flowers with amazing real plants it can create an outstanding floral decoration.

2. New colourful kitchen look: A new, interesting kitchen needs nothing but a bit of creativity, patience and artistic ideas. When the cabinets are a bit dated in style or look, there is no need to replace them. A few coats of colour can give it a quick, refreshed looks. Paint is a generally quick, inexpensive yet calming way of transforming an old cooking space into a new kitchen area. High-quality paint can reassure a super durable finish. Any artwork or a soft and polished furnishing with a high quality finishing touch can give it a warm and an inviting look.

3. A new style of lighting: Most of the kitchens use basic, functional lights that don't do a lot to decorate the space. But lighting is one of the most important factors that affect the kitchen. An old lighting system can make it look boring and tired. We can remove the old light fixtures with the new, modern, updated ones to give it a brand new and attractive look. Any extra lighting can also give the space a brighter appearance. Our old kitchens may have only a single light system. Therefore, if we include some pendant lights in the kitchen, it can add some character and brightness to the area.

4. A white open-shelf makeover: To give the kitchen an old-world charm and merge it with a fresh updated feel we can consider the pattern of open-shelving. When all-white dishes or even some multi-coloured functional accessories fill up the open-shelves of an old kitchen it looks beautiful. An open-shelf containing colourful new dishes can work as a consistent, amazing, bright and amazing colour palette display. A splash of white here and there can give a kitchen an elegant makeover. We can always store the mismatched and random ones inside the closed cabinet. Open-shelving can even make our guests comfortable to help themselves when invited to dinner parties. It makes the kitchen look warm and welcoming to our family and friends.

5. Curtains for the kitchen windows: The curtains have a tremendous impact on our favourite kitchen windows. We can always choose colourful curtains that express our lifestyle, choice of texture or even colour. Application of different style of curtains enhances the shape and size of our windows. We can even consider adding design, print, fashion to liven things up. If the kitchen has a small light, soft colours can make it look really big providing a clean and crisp look. Bold, dark and warm colour can make an oversized kitchen look amazingly balanced and welcoming. Beautiful curtains can also manage our privacy concerns in a fashionable way. It can help us to have a makeover of the large windows dealing with its odd shapes. Fabric valances are like accent marks not only over the windows but also for the kitchen space. Curtains, when chosen properly, can have a tremendous effect on the cooking space increasing the personality of the room.

6. Showing off the art pieces: We can free up the cabinet space to create a witty and clever space for collectables. An above-window shelf is beautiful and is a proper place to arrange the cookbooks alphabetically. It gives the kitchen an extra warmth and beauty. Even gorgeous wallpapers on the opposite side of the cooking space give it a special look.

This article especially emphasises on redesigning the kitchen even without remodelling. When we are too tired to look at the cooking space of our house, a small budget-friendly makeover can revitalise the kitchen decor.