10 Restaurant Decor Ideas For 2018

A successful restaurant doesn’t only require excellent food and service, but it also needs a fantastic
ambience. To have an excellent ambience, the decor of the space needs to be fabulous and show-
stopping. If you have your very own restaurant that you feel needs to be remodelled or revamped,
we have a wide range of ideas that you can incorporate into your restaurant decor. These ideas can
help transform your restaurant into something classy, gorgeous and upscale. Here’s everything that
you need to know:

Oriental Themed Décor For Your Restaurant

If you have a restaurant that makes and serves food from the Far East, then the decor of your
restaurant should also match the food style. Having a Chinese or Asian cuisine restaurant with
modern or contemporary interiors is just ridiculous. You’re more likely to attract a larger number of
customers if your customers get the feeling that they are actually dining somewhere in the Far East.
You can revamp your décor by installing lantern string lights, large Feng Shui water bamboos,
decorative Japanese umbrellas and more. Even red walls can help transform the vibe of your
restaurant to Asian.

Pop Art For A Vibrant And Funky Styled Restaurant

Want to give your restaurant a funky and retro vibe? Decorate the walls with old school and fun pop
art posters. From the amazingly popular Campbell soup poster to the psychedelic Marilyn Monroe
poster, you can make the walls of your restaurant colourful, vibrant and fun. You can install diner-
style booths as seating arrangements for your restaurant and even install an old-school jukebox in
the space. This decor is ideal for restaurants that are styled like cafes and eateries. You can even opt
for this retro style theme if you have a biker bar.

Installing Faux Plants In Your Restaurant

If you’re looking to give your upscale and elegant restaurant a little something extra, then you
definitely need to consider installing artificial landscape plants in the space. The best part about
faux landscaping products is that they require no maintenance. If your restaurant has a small
outdoor seating area, you can opt for fake outdoor plants and trees to liven up space. If you want to
add a little bit of color to the outdoor seating area of your restaurant, you can opt for outdoor faux
flowers to liven up the place. You can even get realistic looking silk flowers outdoors options for
your restaurant. Some people even purchase fake hanging baskets, succulents, bonsai plants, ficus
plants, olive plants and other such options for the interiors of their restaurants. Adding a little bit of
nature to your eatery will transform the place. Additionally, faux plants and trees are extremely
affordable and are easily available too. You can even opt for fire retardant plants for the safety of
your restaurant and your guests. There are tons of fire retardant faux plant and tree options
available online or in your local market.

Go Crazy With Unique Light Installations

Another excellent and effective way to transform the décor of your restaurant is by installing crazy
and unique light installations. Who says you need to be simple and uncreative with the lighting in
your restaurant? A large number of restaurateurs opt for string rice lights, lantern string lights, rope
lights, meteor shower style chandelier lights and more for their restaurants. Also, when installing
new lights or replacing old ones in your restaurant, ensure that the brightness of the lights is perfect.
While nobody likes to eat in the dark, no one enjoys having blinding lights falling onto their dining
tables either.

Install Wall Hangings On Your Restaurant Walls

If you’re looking out for a way to add some colours and life to the walls of your restaurant, you can do so by installing gorgeous wall hangings on the walls of your commercial space. You can get stunning and colourful woven wall hangings for your restaurant. From wall hangings with Aztec prints to wall hangings with abstract and geometric prints, you can find something that blends with the overall character of your restaurant décor. If you’re looking out for affordable wall hangings for your restaurant walls, you will find countless options online or even at your local décor store. You can add beautiful 3D texture to your restaurant by using the decorative textured wall panels. If you really want to cut your budget short on the wall hangings, you can even make purchase them from local flea markets in your city.

Shelves And Candles

Rustic wooden shelves can transform your restaurant into something utterly fabulous. You can even
opt for distressed wood shelves and install them yourself a DIY project. Once the shelves are
installed, you can fill them up with glass candle holders and light up gorgeous candles in these
holders. This décor idea is best suited for restaurants that have a romantic vibe. You can even
consider using the rustic shelves for a restaurant that has a country vibe or feel.

Keep Your Restaurant Clean And Neat At All Times

Besides the basic décor, one thing you need to keep in mind is that your restaurant needs to be
clean and neat at all times. A lot of restaurant owners forget this very basic thing and get too
involved in making their restaurant look fancier. No guest would like to eat in a restaurant that is
messy and dirty. Hence, cleanliness is a very important décor factor for your restaurant.
As you can see, redecorating your restaurant or giving it that extra oomph is easy! All you need to do
is follow some of the tips mentioned above and suggestions, and your restaurant will look
transformed, and the wait list will become longer. You and your customers will be truly impressed
with the transformation in the restaurant.

Looking to revamp and transform the décor of your restaurant? All you need to do is incorporate the
tips and ideas that we have for you and see the magical difference. You can make any old restaurant
look fabulous, stunning and show-stopping.