10 Random Things I Hate...

I saw this awesome post by my friend Hayley at Sparkles and Stretchmarks, called 10 Random Things That I Hate.  Hayley was inspired to write her list while reading  Bill Bryson's book The Road To Little Dribbling. 

In the book Bill states that he believes every person should be allowed to have a list of things that just irritate the life out of them, without having to apologise for it or explain why, no matter how trivial it may seem.

Of course, there are a lot more pressing things in the world that I hate, like cancer, bullying and animal cruelty, but this isn't that type of list.

So, inspired by Hayley and the musings of Bill Bryson, I decided to try and create my own list. My first thought was "How can I narrow the many, many things I hate down to a list of just 10?" But it actually came pretty easy. So, in no particular order of hatred, here's my list!

1. People that say 'Pacifically' when they really mean 'Specifically'.

Or when they say the Specific Ocean.

2. The words 'Minge' and 'Moist'

 Don't ask me why, but I just can't stand the words. I've grouped them together as one, as the 2 words together create a whole new hell, and lead to physical cringing from me.

3. Cold Egg. 

I love eggs in every form, except cold. The minute the temperature of a cooked egg is cold. it's a no from me.

4. When people misspell my name.

L A T O Y A H. The H is very important to me, and it get's left off by everyone, all the time.

5. Feet.

All feet. Including my own. I find them so weird, if I could not have feet and still function normally as a human I would be very happy.

6. Michael Bublé's Singing Voice

I was tempted to just put Michael Bublé himself, but seeing as I don't know him, I thought that was a little strong.  BUT, his singing voice gives me the creeps. Like, properly makes me feel a bit queasy.

7. Cherry flavouring.

I love cherries, but the fake cherry flavour makes me gag.  I think it reminds me of medicine when I was younger, and I now can't even deal with the smell.

8. Facebook.

There are so many many reason's that I hate Facebook.  I just don't seem to have the patience for dickheads any more, and Facebook is full of them. Even when being selective with who I befriend, they seem to leak through.

Unfortunately, my blog Facebook page has my largest following and generates the most views for me.  So I have to keep it and use it. Facebook also has really weird algorithms in place that control how many people see my posts, and they also try and back small businesses into a corner and force them to pay up to £12 a post to get current followers of mine to be able to see the post in their feeds?! Grrr...

9. My Resting Bitch Face. 

It's bad. In fact, my face in general is bad. But mainly I look like I want to stab people up and am in a vicious rage, when I am in fact just in rest mode.

10. Mrs Brown's Boys

I'm still waiting for someone to explain what is funny about this show? When are the jokes supposed to star?

So there you have it.  10 Random things I hate.  I feel better already!! What are yours?  Let me know on my social media channels.