Review:- Marley Spoon Recipe Boxes

Marley Spoon send tasty recipes and fresh ingredients directly to your door, making it easy to cook a delicious meal at home.  I am all for home cooking and I am a massive supporter of anything that makes home cooking easier!  They kindly sent me a special box with 2 meals to try out for myself.

The boxes include pre-measured of ingredients so that there’s zero food waste, and one of the best things about the meal kits is that cooking with Marley Spoon costs less than the supermarket.

Lemon Baked Trout with Borlotti Bean Salad & Baguette

Lovely little parcels stuffed full of succulent trout fillets, topped with fresh parsley and lemon. The trout gently poaches in the lemon juices until perfectly soft, and is served with a satisfying bean salad composed of carrots, green beans, borlotti beans and onions, all drenched in a sweet white wine vinegar dressing and a crusty baguette to mop it up with. The recipe was really easy to follow with picture cards and turned out perfectly. 

German Sausages with Sauerkraut & Baked Potatoes

The delicious bratwurst comes from the city of Nürnberg in Germany. It’s made from coarsely ground lean pork and is commonly seasoned with marjoram, salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom and lemon powder. Served up with a very traditional sour kraut and fluffy baked potatoes. The meal was delicious and filling, I really loved the sour kraut. 

Every meal comes with an image-led step-by-step recipe card, which was super-simple to follow. I think that even the most amateur of cook could manage. Because there is prep involved (ie chopping the veg and actually cooking) you really do get the full cooking experience with minimal time and effort.

3 meals for 2 people per week is £34.80, meaning the price per serving is £5.80. This box is available to order now!

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