Review:- Bodega Olives & Antipasti

Bodega are driven by their love of olives, antipasti and the rich flavours of the Mediterranean and have recently launched a new range of salads and antipasti platters into Sainsbury's. They also have an existing line of olives that will be re-launching with new packaging and flavours. They have journeyed extensively to bring us an authentic taste straight from the olive groves of Italy, Spain and Greece and invite us to join in tasting their travels.  They kindly sent me a selection of items to try for myself and I couldn't wait to make a delicious antipasti dish. 

The Olives are some of the most delicious I have ever tasted! Really full of flavour, and not that nasty bitter taste you find in cheap jarred olives. Some of the flavours the olives are paired with are amazing.  The Sicilian Nocellara Del Belice olives have been rolled in lemon and oil for a fresh, mellow bite that's perfect for those who prefer a subtle taste and mild-mannered flavour.

There was also some olives shaken up with garlic and a sprinkle of paprika. Bodega chose green olives from Greece for their meaty texture, marrying it with Spanish black cuquillos whose softer flesh deliver a deep flavour. Together they are enlivened with richly fragrant garlic and gently spicy paprika for a deliciously spirited partnership. 

The main antipasti platter contained Nocellara Olives in Lemon Oil. Semi-Dried Tomatoes and Mozzarella Pearls in Basil Oil and Oregano, Fennel Salami and Prosciutto Crudo. All was absolutely amazing a restaurant quality!

All items were amazing and I highly recommend them, perfect pairings with wine and cheese. 

Products available from Sainsburys.  For more information, visit their website here

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