12 Struggles All Slimming World Members Can Relate To...

Have I missed any? Which ones do you think should be included as well? Comment below to let me know yours!

1. When you forget to got to the loo before you weigh in 

You just miss your next award or lower stone by 1/2lb. That pee would have made all the difference 

2. Thinking that a loss means you get to reward yourself!

Syns don't count just after you've been weighed, right?

3. When you go out for a meal and really don’t want to be “that person” who orders a salad and a glass of water.

You only have 8 syns left for the day, but you also don't want people to judge you

4. Ruining your pans with frylite

It might be amazing for low calorie frying, but it doesn't half make a mess of your pans!

5. Feeling the effects of plenty of speed food...

Better get some air freshener out!

6. That week where you've been totally on plan… and you maintain!

I don't think you're a true Slimming World member until you've experienced this pain.  It's one of lifes mysteries, but often the week after makes up for it.


7. When it’s someone’s birthday at work and they bring in cakes AND chocolate

Why doesn't anyone ever bring in anything Slimming World friendly? And Why do I always feel like I HAVE to take some?!

8. Trying to find the Fat Free Yoghurt/Quark/Fromage Frais in your nearest shop

I've been known to send staff searching for fat free fromage frais in the back room before... I needed my creamy chicken pasta bake!

9. You'll only ever buy scan bran once

And that was to make some kind of cake. 

10. Checking all the crisps in the shop and using the 20 cals = 1 syn rule

Sometimes I feel like I know more about the nutritional values of crisps than Walkers. 

11. Those friends that say, “Oh but you don’t need to lose weight”

Yes I do, I am medically obese.  I appreciate you trying to protect my feelings but let me slim in peace!

12. Weighing your clothes before you get weighed

If I could weigh naked in group, I would. 

But what we need to remember is... it works.

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Have I missed any? What ones do you think should be included as well? Comment below to let me know yours!