Artigiano DIY Cocktail Experience

Cocktails are my favourite thing, after food! I love making up my own recipes and trying all different flavours with all the different alcohols.   I was invited to bring 3 friends and try out something new from Atrigiano, an offer I couldn't refuse! They have created a unique DIY cocktail experience- exclusively for Exeter. Designed for groups of four to fourteen, the experience costs £20 per head and will allow you to make up to three cocktails per person.  You're given all of the tools and ingredients to make 3 cocktails carefully selected by mixologists.

When we arrived we were shown to our table and got some brief tuition and guidance from one of Artigiano’s resident mixologists, such as which glasses to use for each cocktail and garnishes. He provided step by step instructions and recipe book and then left us to create our drinks.

I love how well presented it is within the tray!

I actually really enjoyed being left to ourselves so we could chat and go at our own pace. The staff checked on us regularly to make sure we were OK and washed the cocktail shakers.  It was scary to start with but we soon got the hang of it!

We went on a Thursday night and there was a great atmosphere - the place was packed! There was live music courtesy of this amazing guy on guitar!

I was a little apprehensive about making a mess, but they had that covered with a pack of wet wipes for any spills! We mixed up a vodka, gin and rum based cocktail (don't want to give it away which ones!) and had to shake, crush, stir, mix and strain each one and it was fun taking it in turns to mix everyone's drinks.  3 rounds of drinks without having to get up and go to the bar is definitely my kind of evening!

The real winner of the night was a twist on a white Russian - served with delicious chocolate cookies.  We all devoured it and it finished off  a great evening perfectly. The experience was great fun and I would definitely do it again.  At first I thought £20 was quite expensive but, as one of my guests pointed out, £20 for 3 cocktails is actually pretty cheap. It was nice to do something so different and I really think it's a fantastic idea!

Check out their website for more information! Read my review of their food here and follow their Facebook & Twitter pages!