Review: Côte Brasserie

Out of all the places that I have reviewed in Exeter, Côte Brasserie has definitely been one of my firm favourites. We have been back their a few times since, both with work and with family, and the standard there has been consistently brilliant. I was delighted when they kindly asked me to review them again, read my original review here

Côte offer their own unique twist of French cuisine, coupled with gorgeous views out over the Cathedral
Green in the heart of Exeter.  It is always incredibly busy and often noisy here, but we were lucky to get a seat downstairs where, although it was busy, the volume was to a minimum. Over the course of the evening the lights were slowly dimmed and it was lovely and romantic.

As I am currently on Slimming World I tried to be as good as I could, without denying myself anything too tasty!  It was a special treat after all! To start I had Tomates Breton- mixed Breton heritage tomatoes with soft goats cheese, black olives, shallots and capers served on grilled sourdough bread.  It was beautifully presented with lots of colour on the plate.  The goats cheese was divine, so soft and creamy.  All the flavours were amazing together and coupled with the bread made the perfect mouthful.

For our last review here Nick had calamari (his favourite starter) and to this day he holds Côte as being the best he has ever had, so of course he went for that again. It was perfectly cooked; not at all chewy, perfectly seasoned and complimented with the tartar sauce. The breadcrumbs are so light and crispy, we were both unable to fault it!

 I went for a 7oz fillet steak, and because I am trying to be good I swapped the chips out for new potatoes, and of course teamed it with some peppercorn sauce.  This tasted so good, the meat was cooked exactly as requested and was extremely tender. The peppercorn sauce had a real spice to it and was perfect for the rich tasting meat.  The potatoes were absolutely soaked in butter, but divine!

Nick went for a 10oz rib-eye steak with fries and peppercorn sauce. Nick's exact words to describe this were "inconceivably good!" Cooked to perfection and the highest quality of meat.

Because it would be rude not to try one of their desserts (that's what I'm telling myself!) I ordered a Crêpe Chantilly-crêpe with fresh strawberries and chantilly cream. It was heavenly with just the right amount of sweet to finish of an amazing meal!

Côte completely exceeded my expectations once again, and is without a doubt my favourite restaurant in Exeter!  Find your nearest Côte here

Food ***** Atmosphere ***** Service *****

L x