Review: Heck Sausages

Heck aim to bring farmers’ market quality to your supermarket shelves.  It is run by the Keebles, a family of farmers and sausage makers who have been making good quality sausages for years, and claim that it is in their blood. They are still essentially family business based in North Yorkshire,n but their small factory runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year using British pork shoulder and a range of tasty spices and seasoning to create their sausages. They have just launched their online mail order service, meaning not only can you buy them in shops, but you can have them delivered to your door!

I have kindly been sent their Chicken Italia, Fair & Square and Family Favourite sausages to try out for myself.

"Good old pork. Comforting, noble and satisfying, this is the original favourite, a classic that’ll never lose its shine. All hail." There are 6 Sausages in the pack, and even though they are sealed the smell is just divine.  A rich meat and Herby smell that I have come to associate with good sausages. They taste delicious on their own, or with a classic mash combo.  I wanted to try something a little different, so I used the sausage meat to make sausage rolls! I didn't add any seasoning at all, and literally wrapped it in pastry.  Nick described it as the best sausage rolls he has ever had! Enough said!

"We’re on a mission to champion chicken sausages. Why should pork get all the glory? Hang a fang on these Mediterranean-inspired belters. They’re low in fat too" Made from chicken, basil, tomato and mozzarella these sausages really offer you something different.  They also smell incredible in the packet, and even better while cooking.  I chose to try these with some roasted vegetables and polenta chips.  The sausages were lovely and succulent, and although you could tell they they weren't pork,  chicken would definitely not be my next guess!  They had a really rich meaty quality, and would taste fantastic on the BBQ when summer eventually arrives.

"To be fair, there’s nothing square about these sausages. Except their shape. Invented by the Scottish, they’re as gorgeous on the plate as they are in a sandwich."
This was really interesting for me! I love a sausage sarnie, but hate having to cut the sausages in half when they're hot!  This really is the perfect solution!  Delicious high quality meat but in a square, meaning the sausage sandwich without the hassle! We loved them, especially with a nice dollop of ketchup on on top!

These sausages are all delicious as well as offering something different. Heck aren't lying when they say that they make damn good sausages! I will definitely be buying these again, and can't wait to find new things to make with the chicken sausages!  Find them online here

L x