Review: Portlebay Popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack, and not just when at the cinema. It is essentially made by nature, with some added pop and flavours.  Portlebay Popcorn are a Devon based company creating a range of different flavours of popcorn.  Their aim is- "To scoop up an outdoor, sunny, happy, carefree feeling and pop it into every bag of Portlebay Popcorn." What more could you want from a bag of popcorn?

Established in 2012 they have been working to make a range of interesting flavours, that you wouldn't necessarily associate with popcorn.  They have also launched their range of Kracklecorn, which is popcorn but with a twist.  To create this they add raw cane sugar into the pot just as the grains are popping which creates a more brittle, crunchy texture.  They then add their blend of flavours to finish of the Kracklecorn.

They kindly sent me some of their flavours to try, Orchard wood smoked cheddar Kracklecorn- traditional cheesey smokeiness with offset of the crunch Kracklecorn.  Classic Kracklecorn- slightly sweet and lightly salted, (that favourite flavour combination of mine!). Wasabi & sweet ginger Kracklecorn- a blend of asian inspired flavours, a blend of smoky bacon and a subtle sweetness of maple syrup.  Chilli & Lime Kracklecorn, a fiery tangy combo.

Orchard wood smoked cheddar Kracklecorn:- I was a bit dubious about a cheese flavoured popcorn, but they were delicious. I love how crunchy the Kracklecorn is, and it takes your standard pop corn to a new level.  The cheese flavour shone through, as well as the smoky after taste- delicious.

Classic Kracklecorn - This was sweet and salted and I have to say that I tasted more sweet than I did salt.  This had a delicate flavour and a nice crunchy texture and were deliciously moreish. I love the balance between salt and sweet, but Nick doesn't really appreciate that flavour combination.  He enjoyed these a lot more than I did, but I did still really like them.

Wasabi & sweet ginger- These were spicy but had the sweetness of the ginger that made it the perfect balance for me. I enjoyed these, and I didn't think that I would! I almost forgot that I was eating popcorn, as I am just not used to it having so much flavour.

Crispy bacon & maple syrup - This was perfect for my "salt and sweet combination" tooth. It seemed to be a double layer, first with the saltiness of the bacon and then the sweet taste of the maple syrup.  These were my favourite by far and I could have eaten bags and bags of the stuff!

Chilli & Lime - These were great! A really strong lime flavour with just the right amount of spice.  The lime seemed to just take the edge of the spice and make it the perfect combination. As it is Kracklecorn it has the great crunchy texture and flavour to match.

L x