Gordon Ramsay’s Best Casino Restaurants


Gordon Ramsay, best known for his TV presence, particularly his show Hell’s Kitchen, is a multi-Michelin-awarded chef who cooks for the stars, celebrities, and the average Joe through his restaurants in destination locations. 

What you may not know about this celebrity chef, however, is that he’s developed a rather expansive restaurant portfolio — making him more than a chef with a restaurant, but also a savvy businessperson, a hard-to-impress cooking mentor, and an overall tycoon of the food world.

He’s built an empire of restaurants across the globe, including in London, the United States, Dubai, Singapore, and China. Amongst this global food presence, Ramsay has partnered with a few destination-worthy casinos, adding to the lustre and attraction.

Here, we’ll explore the best of his casino restaurants (that just might inspire your cooking and future travel plans). Let’s get started.

Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, Nevada)

In the midst of the Vegas Strip, you’ll find several Gordon Ramsay restaurants, but one of the most notable is the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace. The restaurant was designed to pay homage to the namesake reality TV show hit by resembling the studio. 

Hell’s Kitchen offers patrons signature Ramsay dishes like Beef Wellington and Sticky Toffee Pudding. Of course, what would a Vegas restaurant be without a few signature cocktails? Hell’s Kitchen delivers on this with drinks like Smoke on the Boulevard — served within a box so that it can be enveloped by smoke for a distinct flavour.

It’s a thrilling dining attraction that complements the excitement of Caesar’s Palace and the Vegas Strip.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at The LINQ Promenade (Las Vegas, Nevada)

In a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, but still ingrained with Vegas glamour and casino excitement, is Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at the LINQ Promenade. And, just as the name implies, you can treat yourself to an elevated version of the classic UK dish of fish and chips. Or, if that’s not speaking to you, there are also shrimp, chicken, and sausage options. 

Of course, when a Michelin-awarded chef creates something as simple as fish and chips, it’s not going to be that simple. Ramsay’s fish and chips are served with unique tartar and dipping sauce blends like mango and curry, sriracha aioli, Southwest ranch, and Dijon mustard. 

Ramsay delivers in the sweets department, too (because what’s a good fried fish and chips dish without something sweet to top it off?). On the sweets menu, you’ll find Ramsay’s signature Sticky Toffee Pudding in a milkshake or pudding pop form.

Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Resort Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Another Ramsay restaurant on the Vegas Strip is Gordon Ramsay Steak. It’s a posh steakhouse with thought in every detail, from the ceiling to the menu. Covered in an expansive Union Jack flag design, the ceiling gives patrons a sense of what they can expect from their dish: a taste of London. And London is just what the menu offers, with iconic UK dishes with Ramsay’s signature twist and sophistication, like his take on Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Wellington.

In addition to these menu options, you’ll also find scotch eggs, Blue Point oysters, dry-aged prime beef, and French-inspired desserts like a green apple millefeuille. The restaurant also sets itself apart with a carefully crafted tasting menu that gives you not only a taste of London but also a taste of the glamour and extravagance that you can only find in Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Vegas brings yet another standout restaurant from Ramsay, the Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood. Like Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, this restaurant brings an elevated elegance to a simple and classic food: burgers. 

The restaurant has a 30-foot-fire feature highlighting that Ramsay cooks the burgers over an open flame for a more refined flavour of the high-quality prime-cut meat — the essential foundation of his burger offerings. The menu boasts thirteen decadent burgers with elegant fixings (like truffle tremor cheese and Guinness mustard aioli) and fixings with surprising twists (like the fish and crisps burger with salt and vinegar crips).

Like any good burger place, Ramsay also offers shakes, but of course, these are even more decadent and elegant than you’d find at any old diner. The shake menu includes an Oreo Creme Brule Shake and milkshake versions of his signature Sticky Toffee Pudding and Banoffee Trifle. 

Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Horseshoe Casino (Baltimore, Maryland)

Much like the Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Resort Casino, the Baltimore location brings in a similar London influence. In addition to the drama of the ceiling being covered in the UK flag, the sense of London is infused into the overall inspiration of a typical English pub decorated with vibrant hits of red and blue.

The menu delivers unique food experiences from the Vegas location (but don’t worry, signature dishes like Roasted Beef Wellington are still available) with local fare, like the Maryland blue crab soup, and a unique selection of cocktails and desserts. 

It’s a dining experience that adds to the appeal of Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino.

Where Will Ramsay Go Next? (And Will There Be More Casino-Dining Pairings?)

Gordon Ramsay has left his mark not just at some of the most iconic casinos in the US but all over the globe, so it’s natural to wonder what he will do next — and where? 

It’s been announced that in 2024, two new restaurants are set to open in Vancouver, Canada: A Gordon Ramsay Burger at the Great Canadian Casino Vancouver (formerly the Hard Rock Casino) in Coquitlam and a Gordon Ramsay Steak at the River Rock Casino in Richmond. Las Vegas will also get another Ramsay addition in 2024, a Gordon Ramsay Burger at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino.

But, beyond these openings, Ramsay has been quiet about his next steps, so it seems that only time will tell how far his restaurant empire will reach.