Creamy Garlic Chicken Pie Recipe | Reduced Fat

A deliciously creamy pie with garlic chicken with a lower calorie puff pasty topping.

Do you remember those pies you could get that were in a tin? You could just remove the tin lid and stick it in the oven?

Well, this pie is similar as it is in a tin with a pasty topping, but it is MUCH more delicious!

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I created this recipe as I wanted to level up a traditional chicken pie. 

I find that pies are so comforting, and are easy to make.

Lower fat/calorie puff pasty is now available in most supermarkets, which helps save a few calories. 

As this is just a pasty topping as well, it leaves more room for the delicious creamy garlic chicken filling. 

I used some of the vegetables that I got in my £1.50 Lidl veg box for this recipe, including the onion and on the side.

 I did some Air Fryer Roast Potatoes using this recipe and used some of the Brussels sprouts that I got in the box for some veg on the side. 

I actually made double the quantity that the recipe below states, and stuck one pie in the freezer!

It's perfect for freezing, just defrost it in the fridge for 24 hours and then follow the cooking instructions below. 

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Creamy Garlic Chicken Pie Recipe | Reduced Fat