Sugar Pink Pasta Recipe

A delicious spaghetti dish with a bright pink hue! Made with roasted beetroot.

Who loves pasta? Who loves the colour pink? Then you'll love this....

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After all, pink isn't just a colour, it's a way of life!!

When I posted this image on my twitter, I got a few questions about that it actually was. Strawberry laces and minced beef to name a few of the suggestions!

But, this is actually an amazing pasta dish made with roasted beetroot which gives the spaghetti this amazing pink colour.

It's great for kids too as they will love the colour, and have no idea that it is actually made out of a vegetable!

Its really easy to prepare as well, and has a lovely roasted garlic tang.

Why Pasta Water?

The most important thing I have to stress with this recipe, and any other cheese and pasta recipe, is the pasta water. 

This stuff is like liquid gold, and can thicken up any pasta sauce, and help create the smooth creamy sauce in this dish. 

When you've cooked your pasta, drain some of the water off and save it. 

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Sugar Pink Pasta Recipe