10 Competitive Eating Records that are Simply Mind-Blowing

We all love food, but have you ever considered being a competitive eater? Do you think that you have the skills it takes? Would you back yourself to succeed if put to the test? If you bet, check out this link

1. Most Hot Dogs Eaten at a Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

One of the most popular competitive eating competitions has to be the hot dog eating contests. But how many do you think holds the record? Competitive eating icon Joey Chestnut set the record by devouring 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes!! This is just insanity!

2. Most Chicken Nuggets Eaten in One Minute

We all love chicken nuggets, but Leah Shutkever, a competitive eater from the UK, ate an incredible 19 chicken nuggets in just 60 seconds! How many do you think she could eat in a minute, I hear you ask? She also holds that record, having eaten nearly a whole kilo!

3. Fastest Time to Eat Three Carolina Reaper Chillies

Eating spicy chillies can be super hard, but Gregory Foster managed to eat 3 of the world's hottest chillies in just 8.7 seconds, which is absolutely crazy if you ask me! He must have a high tolerance for pain, but I wouldn't want to live with him the next day!

4. Most Smarties Eaten in Three Minutes Using Chopsticks

Kathryn Ratcliffeate 175 smarties using only chopsticks within 3 minutes! I think I would spend that entire 3 minutes just trying to pick a smartie up!

5. Fastest Time to Eat a Head of Lettuce

Lettuce is considered a healthy food, but maybe not that healthy when you eat it at speed! Canadian Mike Jack of Canada is a vegan comparative eater and can devour a whole head of lettuce in 1 minute 30 seconds!

6. Most Mayonnaise Eaten in Three Minutes

Michelle Lesco consumed a huge 3.5 jars of mayonnaise in just 3 minutes, now I like mayo, but certainly not enough to eat that many!

7. Most Ice Cream Eaten in One Minute

Isaac Harding-Davis ate over 2 tubs of Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream within a minute in 2017. Talk about brain freeze! I know ice cream is often too good to put down, but this takes it to another level!

8. Fastest Time to Eat a Jelly Doughnut With No Hands

Philip Joseph Santoro successfully finished a jelly doughnut in just 11.41 seconds with his hands behind his back. On top of this, he also wasn't allowed to lick his lips while eating it! I couldn't manage 1 mouthful, let alone eating a whole doughnut without licking my lips in just over 10 seconds!

9. Most Marshmallows Eaten in One Minute

Anthony Falzon of Malta smashed 25 marshmallows in just one minute in 2013, which is more than half a bag in one sitting. Marshmallows are surprisingly filling, so how he managed that is beyond me!

10. Most Soup Eaten in 30 Seconds

André Ortolf broke a world record in 2017 by drinking 483 grams of soup in 30 seconds. I hope it was a smooth soup like tomato rather than something chunky like a vegetable soup!