How To Ensure You Don’t Gain Weight This Christmas

The Christmas holidays are coming, but it's not all good news.

The holiday season could mean impending doom for your weight loss journey if you don't approach it correctly. While glasses of sweet mulled wine, mince pies, and chocolate will have a few more calories than your average daily intake, it doesn’t mean weight gain is a certainty. All of these can be taken in moderation, don’t give in to the all-or-nothing approach, and you will still end the silly season smiling. Keeping a diary of what is happening leading up to Christmas, like parties, a school play, and shopping, will give you an excellent basis to start with. You can reorganise your exercise routine, work your meal plan to fit in with any event, and not stray off the path before the season begins.

We will now explore some of the ways you can stick to your healthy eating plan and still enjoy Christmas.

Stay Active

During the holidays, it’s good to socialise, but this doesn’t have to be done with a glass of wine and a mince pie. The holiday season encourages sedentary behaviour; sitting on the sofa and watching TV or playing board with friends and family may sound like the perfect Christmas entertainment, but it is not suitable for your weight loss journey. Joining in with some physical activities, maybe a walk outdoors or an organised event such as a park run, can refresh your mind and keep your body moving and burn those extra calories.

Enjoy Treats And Snacks

Over the festive season, keep focusing on enjoying yourself and having fun; you can still enjoy a snack but don’t overdo it. Treats are not bad if you carefully pick a healthier option, fruit, nuts, popcorn, whole grain crackers, or make your own from a diet-friendly recipe. All good weight loss programmes are tailored to the individual and allow treats as part of a well-balanced diet, so there is no reason why that cannot be reflected in your Christmas habits. Indeed, the odd treat is allowed by such programmes, so don't feel bad if you have a piece of cake at Christmas - it's all about moderation rather than excess.

Watch Portion Size

Overloading your plate is easily done when there is a host of tasty food for you to help yourself. More significant portions are guaranteed to take you over the calorie intake on your weight loss plan. One of the best ways to combat this is to use a smaller plate, so it looks complete. Controlling your portion size doesn’t mean eating tiny amounts, but taking care by having more healthy options like fruit and vegetables on your plate, rather than potatoes or rice and pasta.

Plan Ahead For Eating Out

Eating out often causes panic for those on a weight loss journey, especially when choosing a healthy option. Before you look at the menu, plan your meal and have a healthy snack to dampen your appetite. Drinking a glass of water before and during your meal is good as it can help reduce the intake of calories. Choose foods that have been roasted, grilled, or steamed rather than pan-fried or crispy, which will contain more fat. Try mindful eating by not rushing your meal, savouring the taste, and enjoying the moment will lead to reasonable self-control.

Be Drink Aware

Everyone loves a Christmas party, but this is when you are likely to drink more alcohol. Moderation is the key; you can still have a glass of wine, but mix it with soda or diet lemonade and have half the calories. Be aware of alcopops, beers, lagers, and cider, as these are loaded with calories, so be mindful of this and go with low-sugar options. Don’t give in to peer pressure; pace yourself by alternating between alcoholic drinks and water or soft drinks.

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