Having tea time with the hemp plant: how and why should you use hemp in your tea

It is no coincidence that hemp is considered an actual miracle plant! It is suitable both as an infusion and for processing fabrics, paper, creams and much more. Today, cannabis is experiencing a real boom, even as a tea. As certified commercial hemp, it contains many valuable ingredients but is almost THC-free and can therefore be purchased and consumed legally from major suppliers such as Sensoryseeds

The use of hemp is not new. On the contrary, teas with hemp leaves have been brewed for centuries, and their calming properties are appreciated. In fact, so-called commercial hemp has been grown for more than 30,000 years and has been used primarily as food. Unfortunately, it is impossible to establish precisely when hemp began to be used as a tea, but references to the consumption of hemp teas come from ancient China.

What is hemp herbal tea with CBD?

Hemp tea or cannabis tea essentially describes an infusion of cannabis leaves. They contain CBD but in a very low concentration. The herbal teas are, therefore, suitable for beginners and represent an optimal solution for all those who approach hemp drinks for the first time. CBD teas or CBD hemp teas also contain cannabis flowers, which have a higher CBD content and, therefore a significantly more potent effect. The choice is always based on your knowledge and the desired effect.

How is hemp tea prepared?

Like other teas, hemp tea with and without CBD-containing hemp flowers can be prepared simply by steeping with hot water. To give hemp teas a more pleasant and balanced taste and to obtain additional health benefits, teas and flowers of other plants can be added to the leaves and flowers of hemp. Organic hemp teas are available in a variety of blends, suitable for different purposes and moments of daily life. For example, a mixture of hemp with chamomile, hops or lavender can have a particularly calming effect and promote sleep. In contrast, a combination of hemp and green tea or mint has a refreshing and pleasantly stimulating effect and is suitable in the morning and as an alternative to coffee.

Discover various organic hemp teas

Depending on the tea blend, the specified brewing time must be observed so that the full power of the ingredients can be used. Many infusions always have a time specially adapted to the tea blend. Usually, 1-2 teaspoons of tea mixture per cup is sufficient to be left to infuse in hot water for a time ranging from 3 to 7 minutes. For teas with a higher CBD concentration, adding a little whole milk or a few drops of hemp seed oil is recommended. Since CBD is naturally fat soluble, in combination with these added fats, it can be more easily absorbed and broken down by the body.

Benefits of hemp teas

A cup of hot tea warms you up on rainy days and creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. What's better than relaxing on a cold winter evening with a cup of tea and a good book?

But hemp teas, especially those with a higher CBD content, also bring many other benefits that have a positive effect on the body and mind. The cannabidiol contained as well as in CBD oils and CBD extracts acts on the endocannabinoid system of the organism and can therefore develop the following effects:

  • Relax your body

  • Reduce stress

  • Relieve pain

  • Reduce anxiety and restlessness

  • Promote sleep

  • Lift the mood

Thanks to the slower consumption, this effect develops gradually and constantly and is particularly suitable for those approaching CBD. Furthermore, the tea intake is familiar and can be perfectly integrated into our daily rhythm. For example, your morning coffee can be replaced by hemp tea with green or black tea. The latter has a stimulating and invigorating effect without causing agitation or irritation of the digestive system. Alternatively, a cup of hemp tea mixed with other relaxing ingredients, such as hops or chamomile, can kick-start our nightly ritual and prepare us physically and mentally for deep, restorative sleep. At the same time, we enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol, especially when consumed regularly.

Does hemp tea get you high?

Hemp tea with cannabis flowers from certified commercial hemp does not contain any psychoactive THC and is therefore not only accessible but also has no intoxicating effect. Therefore, hemp tea is safe to take; it is legal to buy. You can find hemp teas online or through many stores in Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Make sure that you purchase your hemp products from a vendor that provides excellent quality and regulated ingredients.