Casino games have increased so much in recent years that choosing one option is often challenging. You have options ranging from poker to slots to roulette to craps. And within these options are more variations. While this makes signing up to play in the best online casino fun, it can also be overwhelming. After all, how do you choose from the hundreds of games? We show you how:

Differentiating Casino Games

Playing in a casino allows you to experience games with different rules, RTPs, designs, and even payouts. And the easiest way to narrow your options is to understand how the game categories work and which option suits you best:

  1. Games of Chance/ Luck

Are you a lucky person? If yes, these might be the best games for you. They rely on random number generators to determine the outcome of the game. As such, the player cannot influence their wins and must instead hope that the generators favor them. Below are the characteristics of such games:

  • They have simple rules: Most games require you to hit the start button or roll the dice. Even beginners can join the game and have a fair winning chance.

  • They depend on luck: The games feature random number generators or dice to determine the winner. In the case of generators, the outcomes depend on the preset RTPs. And if dice are in play, the combination determines the outcome.

  • They are fair to all: Since skills are not part of the gameplay, anyone can join the game and win. Even beginners have the same winning chances as the pros. 

  • They are lucrative: The fast pace and ease of these games attract many players. And since many of them have progressive jackpots, the winner takes it all. In some cases, the payouts amount to millions!

Examples of such games include roulette, slots, and bingo. Let’s use roulette as an example. The player determines the wager amount and then bets on where the ball will land. They can choose a color, an odd or even outcome, or a specific number and color. If the ball lands on the selection, they win!

  1. Games of Skill

While games of chance are easy and fast, some people want a challenge. And if this sounds like you, games of skill might be your best bet. These games require players to use their skills to progress and beat their opponents or the dealer. Take the example of Blackjack. In this game, the player must hit 21 or near 21 and beat the dealer to win. They lose if they go over 21 or score less than the dealer. They can stand, double down, or hit to beat the dealer. As you can see, games in this category have the characteristics below:

  • They have complicated rules: Players cannot get away with just hitting spin. Instead, they must understand how each move affects the gameplay. And if they do not follow the rules, they lose.

  • They require players to strategize: Players must beat the dealer, other players, or the house. And they must capitalize on skills to win the games. For example, a player in poker must ensure they have a good hand or bluff so that others think they have one.

  • They are slow: Since the games require players to think about each move, they take a while to complete. 

Poker and Blackjack are the most common games of skill. Players who advance in these games often compete internationally and can turn their passions into careers.

Winning in Casino Games

No matter the game you choose, you can always increase your winning streaks in the following ways:

  • Understand the gameplay you have chosen. Games of skill require strategies, while games of chance do not.

  • Have a strict budget. Playing for money is like an investment; you should guard your capital.

  • Use bonuses to your advantage. Many sites offer bonuses as incentives, which you can use to hedge your risk.

Also, have fun, make friends, and use the games to improve your social and cognitive skills.