Cheap Dinner Recipe: Mexican Dirty Rice | 99p Per Portion

 A tasty, healthy, cheap dinner recipe that is 4 portions, under £1 per portion, and absolutely delicious!

With the cost of living and food ever increasing, I wanted to bring out a series of recipes that are SUPER cheap to prepare but don't lack in flavour.

Families all over the UK are struggling at the moment, so it is more important than ever to make sure that we are being as resourceful as possible when it comes to preparing our meals.

We have all been in the situation where we have to throw things out of the fridge that is out of date because life got in the way and we didn't have time to cook it.

These meals are designed to make sure you are getting as much food as possible for your money with no wastage.

Another great way to prepare food and save money is to batch prep. I have loads of batch prep recipes, instructions and shopping lists here.

How much did this cost?

All of the ingredients for this meal came to £3.97, which means it is only 99p per portion! This is assuming that you don't already have some of the ingredients at home in your cupboard.

This pricing is based on Tesco prices, and a lot of the items I added to my basket have been price matched with Aldi.

If you fancy adding some meat to this dish, you can add a pack of chorizo for £1, meaning it is still only £1.25 per portion!

Leftover Ideas

If you have leftovers you could add the rice with some cheese and chorizo to a wrap, and grill it like a burrito.

This rice also works as a fabulous side dish too.

Cheap Dinner Recipe: Mexican Dirty Rice