Tingle Your Taste Buds with these Trending Cuisines'

Deli meats, cheeses and nibbles - Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Who doesn’t love good food? Yet as great as your beloved go-to dishes are, they can become same old, same old. So, here are some trending cuisines to try out for something new.

Delectable Deli Delights

Delis are famous for cured meats and cold cuts. But there’s a ton of stuff you can usually find. Artisanal bread, churned cheese and more pickled ingredients than you could shake a bottle of vinegar at. Every nation has its own type of deli, with the word coming from the German for “ready to eat”. But they aren’t the only kids on the block. Polski sklep (Polish food) is a cuisine bursting with delicious deli delights and becoming more popular. You will find parowkowa (pork sausage), sliwka (sweet plums in chocolate, and of course, kvashenaia (sauerkraut).

Moo’ve Over Traditional Milk

Cow’s milk is a staple food and provides much-needed nourishment like vitamin B-12 and, of course, calcium. But the past few years have seen something of a milk revolution. People are turning to alternative milk to reduce fat intake or boost essential minerals. Additionally, you can avoid the adverse yet funny effects of lactose intolerance with alternative milk. Some of the most common include almond milk, oat milk and even potato milk. Some of these can take some getting used to but offer many health benefits like low cholesterol and minimal fat content.

Trending Cuisines Include Alt-Drinks

Like alternative milk, western nations are also opening up more to other hot drinks for Asia and beyond. Rather than the traditional tea and coffee, there’s an increase in sales of drinks like sweet kombucha, fragrant matcha and the very strange boba, or bubble tea. Which is valued at over $2 billion globally. Although you shouldn’t have too much boba if you value your internal health. But consuming alternatives to traditional tea and coffee is becoming more popular as people like trendy millennials, for example, look for something a little different.

Mmm, Mmm, Umami!

You were probably told at school that your tongue detects four tastes; sugar, salt, bitter and sour. But one was always left off the list; umami. Umami (keep saying it, it’s fun) is a flair profile commonly found in pan-Asian food such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine. The best example of umami would be soy sauce. There’s a particular flavour that’s not quite the same as the others. Umami-rich food you can try at home includes dried cured ham, anchovies and parmesan cheese. Or you can visit Asian restaurants for delicious umami-rich sauces.

Waste Not, Want Not

Many of us waste far too much. Especially food. But the good news is that people are starting to develop a new attitude towards food waste. Zero-waste cuisine envelopes the idea of wasting nothing from your ingredients. So, for example, you can use chicken bones to enrich your stock, use vegetable leaves as tasty garnishes or use off-cuts in stews. Additionally, you must also ensure that all ingredients are measured accurately in relation to how many you serve. And that you master portion control. Which is actually a lot more challenging than you would think.


Food is an integral part of life. So you can try these trending cuisines for something a little different. These include deli foods, alternative hot drinks and zero-waste cooking.