Negative Effects of Meat-free Nutrition on Students

Vegetarians and veganism are the top trending diets that have been famous among many. Though following a vegetarian diet does offer great health benefits, there is much research and reports that suggest the ill effects of a completely vegetarian diet. 

Diet is an essential part of our lives. It affects the health, mood, and performance of a person. If we talk about students, they need a proper and balanced diet to ensure their good health.

Affects brain health

Reports have suggested that a heavy inclination toward vegetarian diets can lead to a choline crisis. Choline is a key nutrient that the brain and body need to function. Cutting out meat or poultry from a student’s diet will affect the brain. 

Eating even a few eggs or meat meals in a week can be helpful. If someone is keen on veganism, they must start taking the right health supplements to provide essential nutrients to the brain. Look for USP-certified and high-quality supplements to ensure good health.

A young and energetic student can fall prey to the fad diets that trend. It is important to learn the negative effects of vegetarianism before making a choice. If you are inclined to go meat-free, then first carry out a study and research that will tell you the effects. You can determine whether becoming a vegetarian is bad for you. While you correct your diet, you can take assignment help from essay writing service Uk.Edubirdie. Besides their flagship writing and editing service, they offer essay examples on the side effects of going vegetarian. Once you read these essays and do your research, you will be able to determine why becoming a vegetarian is bad for you.g-products-fresh-fruit_10627477.htm 

Causes Hair loss

Non-vegetarian food items like eggs, chicken, or meat have a high amount of protein. A lack of protein intake leads to hair loss and weakening. Apart from protein, it also contains Vitamin B, zinc, and iron which are essential for good hair health. 

Students are young and hence need to absorb all nutrients to build a healthy body. Hence, students are advised to eat everything in good and balanced quantities to reap its benefits. You can again take supplements to ensure that the body meets its daily nutrient requirements.

Hinders with mood

There is no direct correlation between a vegetarian diet and a bad mood. Students, however, require to pay full focus on their education. A bad mood will affect their studies and performance. Some researchers suggest that following a strict vegan diet can cause mood problems. The body, when it does not receive nutrients, sends hints. 

A bad mood or frequent mood swings are another way of your body's communication. As a student, try to eat a healthy and nutrient-rich diet to ensure good mood, sleep, and concentration.

Risk of strokes

A vegetarian diet reduces the chances of heart disease. But, it does contribute to sudden strokes. Turning into a vegan does not mean eating only green leafy vegetables. There are many ways that you can follow a good diet and enjoy the process. You can create a nutrient-rich diet to ensure your health and reduce the risk of health problems. 

Low energy and weight issues

Meat or non-vegetarian diet is calorie-rich. It contains more in comparison with the vegetarian food items. If you have recently switched from a meat-heavy to a meat-free diet, there are high chances that you will feel low on energy. 

Low energy is another direct reason linked with poor health. As a student, you will need immense energy to focus on your daily tasks and perform well. Think before you switch to diets. It is crucial to understand your body and its requirements.

Cause a leaky gut issue

An all vegetarian or vegan diet changes your protein source to plant-based, such as legumes. Legumes are protein-rich and also contain many antinutrients that can cause a painful condition known as leaky gut. This can bring more harm to your health if you make a sudden switch in your diet. Choose a diet regimen that supports your body's need to survive, develop and get better.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

B12 is a key vitamin, and its deficiency can cause major harm to the body. Sometimes these damages are beyond repair. Following a strict vegan diet can cause a major B12 deficiency in your body. You must take Vitamin B12 supplements to ensure your body remains healthy.


You are free to make the food choices you want. The right way to go about it is to make an informed decision. Know about the benefits and downsides before you pick any diet. As a student, your focus must be on maintaining a healthy body and mind.

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