Why All Skiers Should Go to Plagne Soleil & Plagne Villages this Winter

Winter lovers usually cannot wait for their favourite season to come so that they can finally go back to the mountains and ski all day. 

However, there are some serious decisions related to the group’s skills and needs that have to be made before the perfect winter destination is found and holidays are booked. Although the La Plagne area in France does not receive the attention and the hype that it deserves, a visit to the Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages will accommodate all kinds of diverse tastes and it will enable you to have the best time of your life. How exactly will the resort in those villages do that? 

  1. The idyllic location

The Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe. It is also so extensive that it lies in eight different countries; France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. The Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages are towns in La Plagne, which belongs to the Paradiski, which is one of the largest ski areas in the world. The ski resort that lies in Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages is on the highest point of all the other La Plagne towns. To be more exact, it is at an altitude of 2,050 metres on the Glacier de la Chiaupe. It is more than safe to assume that it is a snow-sure resort that offers an amazing view of the famous Mont Blanc. 

  1. A piste for everyone!

La Plagne is famous for its beginner-friendly resorts. If you are a beginner, you should not let the 2,050 metres of Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages intimidate you. There are many nursery runs and areas specially designed for people who are learning how to ski. If you are an advanced skier, you should not be too quick to reject the area as there are blue pistes that run through the resort and they can even lead you to neighbouring resorts. 

  1. Excellent accommodation

Both Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages have been praised for the excellence in their accommodation. You should be quick to book the type of accommodation that suits your travelling needs best on Erna Low in advance. This way you make sure that not only will you stay at an accommodation that you truly like but also you will pay the best possible price. You get to choose from a great variety of apartments, chalets and hotels. 

  1. Lively nightlife

It would be a lie to say that skiers go to a place just to ski. Après-ski activities are equally important as we shouldn’t forget that we are talking about holidays. Plagne Soleil and Plagne Villages may be two little towns in Paradiski, but they offer fantastic entertainment options for day and night. There are shops, restaurants and pubs that will brighten up your nights. If you are not satisfied with the options in the two towns, you can visit the bigger neighbouring resorts.