Outdoor Entertaining In Autumn And Beyond

Summer is already packing up for this year but that doesn’t mean you have to pack up your outdoor entertaining equipment. In fact, now might be the perfect time to invest in it. You could get some bargains and you might still have plenty of opportunities to use them through autumn and beyond. Here are some tips to help.

Keep your garden in trim

It may seem dull but it really is important to put safety first at all times. In autumn, trees shed leaves and often twigs as well. These can both be hazards for slipping and tripping, so be sure to clean them up promptly. Autumn leaves can make great compost.

Make sure pathways have plenty of grip. You might want to think about putting down gravel. This can also help to deter intruders due to the sound it makes. With days getting shorter, lighting becomes more important. Twinkle lights can be lovely, but make sure you also have functional lights fitted with proper outdoor light bulbs.

Bring everything together

In warm weather, people can lounge around the garden. When temperatures drop, however, it’s best to have a specific area you can keep warm. Energetic people (like children) can still roam around and play if they want. Most people, however, will probably prefer to stay where it’s snug and cosy.

Generally, the space next to the house is the best bet. This gives the shelter of the house walls. It also minimizes the time needed to go between the garden and your home. If, however, that's not possible, you can still use another part of the garden. Create shelter with a gazebo, marque, summerhouse or even shed.

Most good quality garden furniture can stay outdoors over the colder months. Like you and your guests, however, it will appreciate being in shelter. This will also help to keep it dry and comfortable to sit on. An outdoor heater is an excellent investment. You can run it when you’re not cooking or to add extra heat when you are. Just remember to think about fire safety.

Seasonal food and drink

In warm weather, outdoor eating often means cold salads with hot foods added for example barbecued meat or vegetable skewers. In colder weather, however, most people are probably going to want hot food and drinks. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s so handy to be close to the main home.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to be difficult. Generally, you want to have everything prepared and cooked in advance. Then reheat it outdoors if you want to add a barbecue flavour to it. You can invest in gadgets to keep food and drinks warm but old-fashioned ways will often do just fine. Put food in baths of hot water and use flasks for hot drinks.

Autumn and winter tend to be the time when people most want comfort food. This is fine but don’t go overboard on it. Unless it’s a really special occasion, stick to healthier versions of popular favourites. Similarly, remember that there are plenty of healthy drinks you can serve hot.