Here's Why LASER Hair Removal Is Better Than Waxing

There are many ways you can get rid of unwanted body hair irrespective of your gender. The primary means of getting rid of body hair has been shaving and plucking but with the turn of the century, plucking as well as using depilatory creams also fell in favour but there is a catch – all of the aforementioned processes are not cheap and they take a lot of time.

These days, both women and men are slowly ditching their preferred hair removal procedures for LASER body hair removal. The situation has escalated to such an extent that people who always had an affinity towards waxing are also singing songs of praise for LASER body hair removal treatment.

This is the reason why the following sections will run a comparative analysis between the most popular form of hair removal procedure waxing and the new but effective contender LASER hair removal for men and women. Hence, read on with due diligence:-
Why is LASER hair removal better than waxing?

LASER body hair removal treatment has its fair share of pros such as:-

LASER boy hair removal treatment offers long term results given you have completed all the sessions as instructed by your dermatologist.

LASER body hair removal sessions, unlike a waxing session, can conclude within minutes. Hence, if you are in a hurry then LASER body hair removal sessions will surely help you to meet your deadlines.

Irrespective of the area your dermatologist needs to cover in your body while performing this treatment, your skin will only be subjected to the intense LASER beam for a few seconds at a time and the whole session, as mentioned in the previous point, will be concluded in a matter of minutes. This means you will not be experiencing any form of side effects.

Unlike waxing, which is generally performed by trained but non-certified individuals, LASER body hair removal is considered as a skin treatment hence, it will be performed by skilled and certified personnel and supervised by your dermatologist.

It is virtually painless when compared to waxing. As soon as the LASER beam hits your skin, you will feel as if a rubber band snapped against it and if you still want to keep this sensation at bay then your dermatologist will apply a topical cream that will not only numb the target areas of your skin but also offer a cooling sensation.

On the other hand, waxing has its fair share of cons such as:-

Waxing is one of the most painful procedures there is for unwanted body hair removal. The worst part is, when you want to get rid of body hair strands from sensitive areas in your body such as your nostrils, your groin or your underarms, it can be exceptionally painful.

Waxing promotes the formation of ingrown hair strands. These are pretty painful and ghastly to look at which would hamper your schedules especially when you are an individual who regularly attends parties, seminars or clubs.

It is evident by now that LASER hair removal is the better option when compared to waxing and if you have finally made up your mind to ditch waxing for LASER body hair removal then be sure to get the treatment from a revered skincare clinic. In this way, you will be getting the best treatment and post-treatment care since a revered skincare clinic uses the latest equipment and has the best dermatologists under their payroll.