My 2020 Advent Calendar

*I was gifted this item by Yankee Candle*

While an advent calendar may be the perfect excuse to have a little bit of chocolate every day, but if you are following a healthy eating plan it could be extra calories you don't need.

I've often made my own advent calendars, but this year I was lucky enough to be gifted this amazing Yankee Candle Advent Calendar. 

I absolutely love candles and have at least 3 in every room of the house, so the idea of opening a door every day to a new candle is very exciting! 

Featuring warm spices and crisp winter aromas, this charming gift set is perfect for anyone, offering a fragranced twist on the traditional advent calendar.

Check out my Insta Stories for updates as I open it!

It includes 35 items listed below:

Small Jar Candles:

1 x Holiday Hearth 
1 x Singing Carols
1 x Unwrap The Magic

Votive Candles:

1 x Singing Carols 
1 x Holiday Hearth
1 x Vanilla French Toast or Pecan Pie Bites
1 x Christmas Morning Punch 
1 x Christmas Magic 
1 x Christmas Eve 
1 x Warm Cashmere
1 x Cinnamon Stick 
1 x Snowflake Cookie 
1 x Christmas Cookie

Tea Light Candles:

12 x Christmas Eve
1 x Glittering Star
1 x Red Apple Wreath
1 x Cranberry Ice
1 x Candlelit Cabin
1 x Unwrap The Magic (Gift Set Exclusive)
1 x Angel's Wings


1 x Wick Trimmer
1 x Candle Snuffer
1 x Votive Holder
1 x Tea Light Holder