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I first saw this dish doing the rounds on Social Media, after GiGi Hadid posted the recipe on her stories. A spicy, creamy tomato-based pasta dish with a kick of vodka!

I absolutely love pasta dishes, especially finding new ones. This one has a really unique flavour, which is delicious! 

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Why vodka?? 

You may wonder why vodka is needed, as it doesn't really have much flavour of it's own. It is actually used to bind the ingredients together and soften the tanginess of the tomatoes for a creamy sauce. You cook off the alcohol as well, so don't worry about getting tipsy off this tasty dish! 

This dish is so simple to make, I will definitely be cooking this for my weeknight meals. It's also vegetarian too!

If you follow Slimming World, this dish is only 3 syns per serving, and the recipe makes 4 portions. I like to serve it with a massive salad, so I get in plenty of that speed food in! 

If you are following a calorie based diet, this dish will set you back per portion. 

I used quite a bit of chilli in this dish, but of course, you can adjust this to your own personal taste. 

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Lower Calorie Spicy Vodka Pasta Recipe

Serves: 4

Syn value: 3 syns per portion (not including any healthy extras)