Treat Friends and Family With Some Of These Post-Lockdown Gifts

*This is a collaborative post*

Picture by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels - CC0 Licence

To say lockdown has been challenging is an understatement. It's hard hearing about masses of people getting sick, especially if you know some of them. It's been very hard staying indoors in the house for a long time, especially if you like going out and socialising. And it's certainly not been easy for people whose pay has been reduced. Or worse, family and friends who have lost their job completely.

On a positive note, there are some thoughtful ways to lessen the impact it's had on other people's lives, particularly the people you love. To let them know you're thinking of them, and to offer them a much-needed pick-me-up. Here are some of the best ways to treat your friends, colleagues and family who you haven't seen in a while, and celebrate lockdown almost coming to an end.


If you're self-isolating or committing to social distancing, there are ways to send meaningful gifts without handing them to your friend or family member in person. For instance, Brownies Delivered to your favourite persons' doorstep is one of them! You could deliver this delicious dessert to almost anyone, and instantly gain brownie points - did you see what we did there? These delightful little treats combine two of nearly everyone's favourite things, cake and chocolate! Which means they're guaranteed to go down well with your recipient. Be a good friend, send brownies, and make someone extremely happy.


Picture by Free-Photos from Pixabay - CC0 Licence

We know that nature is good for us, however, with most of us being confined indoors for long periods, we may not have had the time to see as much of it as we'd hoped. It's been proven that being amongst greenery and flowers relieves stress, makes us feel happier and can soothe symptoms associated with depression. If you're thinking about a surprise to send, a beautiful bouquet for your friend could be it. If you're not sure of what their favourite flowers are, peonies or roses are universally adored. Yes, roses may be associated with romance, but so what? It doesn't take away from their beauty, and it shouldn't stop you from sending them to your friends or family.

Beauty Box

When money is tight, we tend to sacrifice luxuries first, such as beauty products and treatments. From perfumes to hyaluronic acid for youthful skin, to getting your hair and nails done, everyone enjoys a pamper now and then. Heck some of us need it to feel like a normal human being. If you know someone who's having a tough time, or you want to celebrate almost breaking out of lockdown, send them a little beauty box. It's fun for you to put a few bits and pieces together you think they'll like. Plus it'll be very exciting for the other person to open and indulge in their own at-home beauty session.


For a one way treat that'll almost instantly ease the tension caused by lockdown, choose booze. It inspires the giggles, helps people to take life a little less seriously, and gets you talking. Plus, the unhealthy aspects portrayed about alcohol are overrated. Red wine, and champagne, for instance, are full of antioxidants and help to reduce the risk of heart problems. All the more reason to send a bottle or two across, to spread some cheer and lift some special people out of their post-lockdown slump.


It's official, bars and restaurants are opening on the 4th of July, and most people can barely contain their excitement. However, with months gone by without venturing out anywhere, that's been worthy of a stylish outfit, it's likely your best-friend's wardrobe has gotten stale. So why not do something caring? Choose an outfit you know they'd like. Then have it sent to them with a note detailing that they can wear it the next time you both paint the town red. It's thoughtful, and saves your close one the effort and money of sourcing and buying something to wear! In the worst-case scenario, if it doesn't fit, they can always exchange it. 

Gestures and gifts make people feel appreciated and happy. It doesn't have to be because of lockdown, a birthday, or anniversary; they're welcomed, if not more so, any time of year. The above ideas are just a few favourites that can perk up the dampest of moods. Depending on your budget, you could even combine a few gift ideas. Such as a box of brownies and a bouquet. Or an outfit with a bottle of champers.