How To take 10000 Steps A Day (Even if you don't like exercise!)

As much as we all try and eat healthily, eventually the time must come for us to also exercise as well. Healthy eating and exercise both go hand in hand, as much as we may loath it.

If  walk 10000 steps a day, your body burns 500 calories, and walking is a simple form of exercise that most of us can take part in, even if it's round the house.

2000 steps also works out to be roughly 1 mile. 

How To take 10000 Steps A Day (Even if you don't like exercise!)

Find a good way of tracking your steps.

It's all well and good saying that you want to get more daily steps in, but the only way that you will be able to know how well you are doing is to find a way to track your steps. 

There are so many different brands and options, so have a look around and figure out what is best for you. There are lots of different pedometers that you can just clip on to your clothing, or alternatively you could invest in a smartwatch.

I use a pretty good value watch to track mine.

If you have a smart phone, then there are loads of free apps that you can use to track steps. Check your app store and just search 'Pedometer'.

Commit to the challenge of achieving a daily target, and adjust them accordingly.

I have always found it easier to attack smaller mini goals, so try and focus on your daily target. If you don't hit it, then the next day is a new start and a new opportunity to meat your goal.

Have you joined the Sugar Pink 10000 Steps challenge yet? For 30 days we are pledging to take 1000 steps a day, as well as eating healthily. A whole group of over 2000 people are taking on the challenge, and providing support to each other in my closed challenge Facebook group.

Instead of standing still, move! 

If you are ever stood still, change it into an opportunity for movement! For example, if you are waiting for a bus, keep walking up and down until it comes. Stood waiting for something to cook? Keep moving round the kitchen while you wait. 

Get off the bus/train one stop before where you need to get off, or park further away and then walk.

This is a really easy way to get steps in. If you live within walking distance of your place of work, then try and walk there and back each day. If not, then get off a bus stop early or park further away.

This way you are getting in extra steps on a normal journey you take daily. If this is not possible, then use your lunch break to have a little walk around the area instead of scrolling through your phone!

Use the stairs instead of using a lift.

This one is pretty self explanatory. Climb those stairs instead of using the lift!

Go for a short walk every day.

Just a short walk each day can really help increase your steps. On top of all the other extra little bits that you do, a nice evening or early morning walk can tip you over that 10000 target. If you have a dog, then this one is a lot easier as you have to walk them every day!

Climb the stairs a few times 

For those who have stairs in their house, this is a ready made way to get your steps in. Climb them twice for each time you use them, and you are getting double the steps!

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