Devon's Best Roast Dinners: The Lamb Inn, Longdown

The good British roast dinner, is there anything better than sitting down to one on a Sunday? I have taken pride in my home cooked roasts for years, but sometimes it's nice to enjoy a roast that has been cooked by someone other than me!

Devon is full of wonderful restaurants offering carvery or plated roasts, with lots of fresh local produce. I have often had difficulty in finding where is best to go, so decided to start the hunt to find 'Devon's Best Roast Dinner'.

A little while ago I went on the search for 'Exeter's Best Breakfast', and crowned my very worthy winner, The Daisy Cafe. I scored each venue based on the food, service and atmosphere to crown my winner. I put a shutout on Social Media to hear some of my reader's recommendations, and set about the task of trying them all out- who said that blogging is hard work!

What makes the 'perfect roast dinner' for me? 

Succulent meat, lots of fresh veggies, crispy roasted potatoes, thick meaty gravy and a perfect Yorkshire pudding/stuffing etc. It needs to have the correct balance between meat and vegetables, plenty of potatoes and enough gravy for every mouthful.

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The Lamb Inn is located in the heart of picturesque Longdown, just a few minutes outside of Exeter. They offer locally sourced produce and great value for money, in a traditional pub setting. There is plenty of restaurant style seating, and large bar area.

They have a special Sunday menu, with a section of starters, roast dinners, and desserts. As well as the traditional Sunday dinner, they also had a beef burger with all the burger trimmings, and a roasted cauliflower as a meat alternative on the menu.

The beef option was roast striploin, braised brisket and all the trimmings, while the lamb was both roasted leg and braised shoulder.  I really enjoy plated roasts, but the extra freedom of being able to plate your own veggies is something I really enjoy. It's also great for presentation!

We were given a selection of mixed vegetables like carrot, cabbage and broccoli, with a cauliflower cheese and roasted potatoes.

A little extra thing that I really appreciated was the extra serving of the delicious gravy.

The potatoes were crispy and flavoursome, and all the vegetables were delicious. The creamy cauliflower cheese was the perfect addition to the plate.

The gravy was thick, rich and generously served over the plate. The beef stiplion was so succulent and deliciously rare, and the brisket literally melted in the mouth. The lamb was equally as delicious and tender.

It took a little while for our order to be taken at first, around 20 minutes, so we had about a 40 minute wait for the meal in total. It's always good to know that you are eating locally sourced food, and they are clearly very passionate about this, naming local produces that they use.

I really enjoyed the relaxed environment and delicious food, and would love to go back with family again in the future.

Food ***** Service **** Atmosphere *****