How To Be ‘Good’ When Putting On A Party

*This is a contributed post*

When you’re trying to eat well, you’re on a diet, and you don’t want to be tempted by bad foods, having an occasion on can seem like a nightmare. The word party can really throw you off - because you’ll know that you may be tempted to eat things that you perhaps don’t really want. And it happens. Of course, when you’re someone that is going to a party, you can’t always control what will be served and that can be worrisome. But, when you are putting on the party yourself, it’s much easier to work in some healthy hacks and make sure that you’re putting on healthier meals. But, you have to approach this in the right way. So let’s take a look.

Plan Ahead

The very first thing you need to do here, is to make sure that you’re planning ahead. Because if you do want to eat a little bit naughtier for the party, you can plan in the syns or the calories or whatever it is that you’re doing. Or if you really do want to stay on plan and be good, then you can make sure that you’re planning a balanced spread of food.

Don’t Make Food The Focus

But then also, you don’t have to make the party all about the food. Instead, you should make sure that there is enough going on so that you really don’t have to worry so much about fixating on food. Maybe you want to hire a cool band like so that there’s singing and dancing? Or games going on so that you can focus on that?

Choose Healthier Options

The next thing for you to do here, is to make sure that you’ve also got healthier options on the menu. Yes, there are the popular party food dishes that people like to eat, but you may not want to have them yourself. So, you could look to do healthier options like healthy party food to avoid any slip ups, or you could do a mix of options to please everyone.

Do Things Differently

And next, you might just want to do things a little but differently. Maybe you do set foods for kids and options for adults? Maybe you avoid food altogether? Or maybe you have a barbecue or a spread of food rather than the traditional party food.

Hold Yourself Accountable

But then also, you need to make sure that you’re holding yourself accountable at the party. This is something that you can do whenever you’re going to a party too. It’s so important for you to not let your guard down and overindulge in all of the things that you said you wouldn’t! One thing that can help you here is to get an accountability partner to top you from swaying. Because if you’re both looking to be good, you’ll stay on track.