Funny Struggles All Dieters Can Relate To

Funny Struggles All Dieters Can Relate To

Diets. There are so many different ones out there, and I bet that anyone that has tried to diet before can relate to at least one of these struggles. 

One thing to remember though is that all of us dieters are in this together, and it's always good to be able to have a laugh at/with yourself.

1. Realising your spent your 'skinny years' thinking you were fat.

Funny Struggles All Dieters Can Relate To

I look back at old pictures of my self from when I was a teenager, when I thought I was the size of a whale, and I was actually tiny compared to how I ended up. I wish I enjoyed those years, because I would kill to get back to that size now!

2. Every time I try to eat healthy, along comes Christmas, Easter, birthdays, summer, Friday or Tuesday and ruins it.

There's always an excuse to fall of your diet. Birthday celebrations, weekends, surviving a day at work, celebrating a loss, sticking to your diet for one whole day...the list goes on.

Sadly, the reality is that if we're getting on the diet, we need to stick to it through all of the excuses.

3. Not realising how long a minute is until you try exercising

A minute sounds like hardly any time at all, but try doing some consistent exercise for 60 seconds, and you'll soon realise just how long it really is!

4. Pretending that yogurts are a legitimate pudding

Let's not get started on the whole Slimming World muller light controversy...but low fat yogurts are pretty popular amongst dieters. They come in loads of flavours, and I always eat them to pretend I am having a dessert. 

I sometimes realise half way through eating and wonder, is this really what life has become? Eating a treacle tart low fat yogurt will just never be the same as the real thing!

5. Spending the winter not wanting to look like this in the summer, and ending up looking like this in the summer.

Funny Struggles All Dieters Can Relate To

You say the same thing every year, that this summer you will be beach body ready. How many times ave you managed to pull that off? I thought so.

But look how happy she is, she's having a nice time, right?

6. Realising that soup is actually not that great without loads of buttered white bread!

Soup without bread as actually massively disappointing. White bread is literally my kryptonite, and I genuinely think that I've been using soup as an excuse to have loads bread and butter with it. 

7. Your heart saying 'cheese and Prosecco' but your jeans saying 'Salad!!'

Funny Struggles All Dieters Can Relate To

8. Wishing that you could love exercise and eating healthily as much as you enjoy getting drunk, doing nothing and eating everything.

The struggle is real. Why does all the bad stuff taste so nice? And why does working out have to be such hard work?

9. If you had a penny for every time you fell off the diet wagon, you'd have enough money for liposuction.

Funny Struggles All Dieters Can Relate To

To be fair, I'd probably have a load left over as well. They say that's it's not about how many times you fall off, it's about how many times you get back on it and back onto plan.

I wish there was also a way to claim back some kind of tax rebate on eating healthily.

Which struggles do you relate to the most? Are there any I've missed?