Sugar Pink Food Healthy Recipes is out now!

Sugar Pink Food Healthy Recipes

Here's me with the proof copy of my book! After a long time of putting it together and checking, the proof copy was sent for me to check over. I put together 50 recipes that are available to purchase as a paperback book.

If you were to buy the book, then of course the big grey line that goes through the middle and says 'not for resale' won't be there! This was just for the proof copy. I made a few changes to the cover as well as I felt like it needed more colour.

I've put together some information about the book below, in case you have any questions before purchase.

Sugar Pink Food Healthy Recipes

Does it have the diet point values in it?

Diet clubs like Weight Watchers and Slimming World are very protective of their brands, and have trademarked a lot of words for branding. This means that it is not possible to attribute any of their point systems to recipes and publish them for money!

Each recipe has the calorie count, and the ingredients are written out clearly so that you can work out the point values yourself.

This also means the recipes appeal to anyone looking for healthy recipes, rather than just diet club members.

The book is not affiliated with any diet clubs or slimming groups.

How many recipes are in it?

The book contains 50 of my recipes. There are some breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes in the book. They are some of my newest recipes, as well as some of the most popular ones from my website.

Where can I buy it?

It is available to purchase from Amazon here. It isn't currently available elsewhere. 

How much is it?

The paperback book is £13.99. It actually costs a lot to produce and Amazon takes a big cut, so I only get a few pounds per book.

Does it come as an E-Book?

Yes! it is also available as an E-Book here.