How to Batch Meal Prep Like A Boss

How to batch prep like a boss

Following a diet is all well and good when you're in the zone, focused and determined to keep on track. Following a diet or healthy eating plan is a lot more difficult in those times that you've had a long day at work, you're tired, and really don't have the energy to cook.

One of the things that I found helps me in those tired times is to always have some batch prepped meals in the freezer. Batch Prepped Meals can be thrown into either a slow cooker or an oven proof dish, often be cooked from frozen, and to be honest, are a total lifesaver. 

It takes very little time to get all the dishes put together, once you know how! And can save you so much time during the week. I even have a post that shows you how to prepare a whole month of batch prep meals in one go.

I have quite a few batch prep recipe ideas, meal plans and posts, and it is something I really enjoy doing. I wanted to put a post together as a guide for all things batch prepping, so that you too can batch prep like a boss!

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Before You Start Batch Prepping

Choose your recipes, and prepare your shopping list

Have a look around online to find some recipes you like, either save them to a Pinterest board or write them down. Make sure you know exactly which meals you are preparing, and all the ingredients you need. 

Write our your shopping list, an make life easier by splitting the ingredients into sections, like meat, dairy, frozen, vegetable etc. Alternatively, download and print out my pre-sectioned shopping lists to help you, so that all you need to do is write the ingredients in their box!

In all my meal prep recipes, I also give you a free full printable list of all the ingredients.

Get the correct food storage items

I personally use these freezer bags as when they are flat they take up less room in the freezer.
100 x Lakeland Freezeasy Flat Food Freezer Bags, 30 x 46cm

I also love these if you want something a little more environmentally friendly, and are glass instead of plastic!

best meal prep containers

When Batch Prepping

Get the freezer bags/boxes out and label them with each meal

best freezer bag meals

It is easier to have everything to hand once you start making! 

Set them out in the order that you are planning to prepare your meals.

Set each of your pre-labelled food storage containers out in the order that you are going to prep in. This means everything is to hand and ready for you when you need it.

Get all of your ingredients out and ready

batch prep ingredients

I like to also separate them out into meat, flavours, veg ect. so that everything is much easier to find and chuck into the back.

Start with the vegetarian recipes

I like to do the veggie ones first to avoid any cross contamination.

You can store in ingredient bins

Here are some of my batch prep meal plans: