Donald Russell Turkey Dinner

I have always been a big supporter of a home made roast, but with the festive season approaching it is also one of the most stressful times of year, and us cooks could do with all the help we can get!

Donald Russell, Royal Warrant-holding luxury butcher is launching NEW! Slow Cooked Free-Range Loué Turkey Crown in Gravy, taking the hassle out of preparing a mouth-watering feast this Christmas. Turkey specially can end up dry or without flavour, so the idea of this was very intriguing to me.

The new Slow Cooked Free-range Loué Turkey Crown is said to be the best way of ensuring peace of mind and stress-free cooking this festive season. Delivered direct to your door, these outstanding free-range Turkey Crowns are simply heated up in the oven, from frozen. 

Full cooking guidelines are provided, removing any guesswork or worry from crafting a delicious, memorable festive meal. What’s more, Slow Cooked Free-range Turkey crown comes with its own deliciously rich sage and nutmeg gravy, providing flavoursome succulence in every bite.

I was gifted one to try out for myself, and was also sent all the trimmings to go with it. I was really excited to cook a proper roast with as little effort as possible.

What was in the pack?

In the pack there were Goose fat roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts with shallots and bacon, caramelised carrots, braised red cabbage, pigs in blankets and the slow cooked turkey itself. All the trimmings that were sent could be cooked within about 40 minutes, and the turkey only took 50 minutes. 

The turkey was so, so succulent and tasty, and was big enough to serve 4-6. I think the fact it was cooked in gravy gave it an amazing extra depth of flavour. The gravy was super rich and tasty, a perfect pairing.

The potatoes were so crispy on the outside, yet light and fluffy in the middle. Potatoes normally take the longest to cook, and require a lot of peeling and prepping. But these were literally just taken from the packet and put in the oven.

All of the veg came out perfectly cook, and you would never know that they were frozen. My favourite was the cabbage, it was truly delicious. Even the sprouts, which I am usually no a fan of, were tasty.

The Finished Product

It was a really delicious roast, with the perfect balance of trimmings, succulent meat and gravy. The potatoes were perfect and the vegetables were fresh tasting and packed with flavour. 

This is my favourite roast that I have cooked in a while, and it is the one I put the least effort in to!

I would really recommend this if want a delicious Christmas dinner, with as little hassle and stress as possible- leaving more time for eating, drinking and being merry!

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