Review: JML Copperstone Pans

We recently had out kitchen redone, and during the renovations I took the opportunity to get rid of some of my old, overused pots, pans, plates and accessories. This was a big expense, so I had to rebuild all of my items over time. I was left with one ceramic pan, which was good, but it wasn't perfect by any means and it was still a little old.

I had my eye on some pans by JML, the new copper stone range. When they got in touch and offered to let me try some out, I jumped at the chance!

With ultra-non-stick technology, super hard wearing construction and a stylish copper-ceramic finish, JML Copper Stone Pans are a fantastic addition to any home. They offer unparalleled heat distribution with incredible durability and scratch-resistance.

The extremely tough, scratch-resistant coating is combined with a forged aluminium body to ensure that these pans are built to last. Plus, cooking without the need to add any fat or oil helps to make meals healthier and cleaning up quicker.

I've often found that a lot of 'non-stick' pans lose their 'non stick' ability after a few uses and washes. I have been using this pan solidly for a month now, and I can honestly say that it is still as excellent as when I first got it out and used it.

It is really strong, sturdy and durable and the non stick is excellent. It's also very stylish and I love the design, especially the wooden handle. 

One thing I also really like is how easy they are to clean. Normally just a wipe with a wet cloth is required.

Some great recipes to make in your JML Copperstone Pan:

BBQ Shredded Burrito Bowls

Cheese Bacon & Onion Stuffed Burgers 

Chorizo & Chicken Pasta 

Also available within the Copper Stone collection is a 28cm wok (£29.99) and a 28cm Griddle Pan (also £29.99).

You can order the pans direct for JML.