Review: Turtle Bay New Menu

Turtle Bay has grown to be my boyfriend and I's favourite venue in Exeter. From the vibrant, Caribbean themed decor, the amazing cocktails and the enthusiastic and friendly staff. Every time we visit we end up 'shazaming' all the music Reggae music they play so we can play it at home ourselves. There are amazing vibes in the place from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.

They were the first restaurant to open in the Queen Street Dining complex a few years ago, and always seem to be one of the most packed venues. We love to come for both food and drinks, and always start off with some tasty cocktails. We were invited to try out their new menu, which even had a few new cocktails added to their collection- we couldn't wait to try.

I had one of the new cocktails to start, a 'Tingaling' which is Gin, prosecco, elderflower and grapefruit crush. It was sooo tasty and super refreshing with the cucumber strips in. We also had a Raspberry Reggae- Vodka, raspberries, lime & lemonade. Cocktails are 2 for 1 before 7pm, so it would be rude not to have 2 each!

We decided to have some of the side dishes as our starters, as they just sounded so tasty! One of our personal favourites are the cheesy Jerk Fries. Super crispy sweet potato fries topped with jerk sauce and melted cheese.  We also had Grilled jerk halloumi, which is char grilled with a spicy kick

My boyfriend had Jerk Sirloin Steak- a prime cut aged sirloin steak marinated in spicy jerk served with coconut callaloo and spiced sweet potato fries. It was cooked perfectly and the jerk sauce was full of flavour. The SP fries are always cooked so perfectly!

I went for the Mo’ Bay Chicken which was a succulent chicken breast, creamy jerk sauce, coconut rice ‘n’ peas, sweet plantain and a dressed salad. The rice was so tasty, and the creamy jerk had a real balance of flavours between spice and cream. It was lovely and coconutty, and it was my first taste of plantain! I really enjoyed the dish, and it was the perfect portion size.

We even had enough room for Banana & Toffee Cheesecake. Triple layered cheesecake, crispy biscuit base, creamy soft cheese and banana, topped with a hot toffee sauce. The cheesecake was so creamy, it was heavenly!

Food ***** Atmosphere ***** Service *****