Exeter's Best Breakfasts: Review Harry's Exeter

One of my favourite weekend pastimes is enjoying a lazy weekend breakfast/brunch, where my boyfriend and I can chill with delicious food and reflect on the week that's passed. 
We used to visit the same place every week, but realised that we were missing out on some really delicious dishes in and around the City. This is when we decided that we would start a mission to find Exeter's Best Breakfast!
There are lot's of places on offer, and I put a shout out on Social Media for recommendations. One of the most popular suggestions was Harry's Exeter. We have visited there a few times for delicious dinners, so couldn't wait to give their breakfast a go!

There are lot's of choices on offer, from the traditional Full English Breakfast to Steak & Eggs! The Orange juice is Luscombe Drinks freshly squeezed and the bread tastes freshly baked. 

We always love to have some toast and jam with our breakfast, and it was awesome to have a variety of white and brown bread, with proper butter and local jam. Often you have to chose between which type of bread you prefer to have, but it was nice to see a generous selection. 

The Full English was a decent portion, with the meat being locally sourced. The sausage was full of flavour, one of the best we've had. It was nice to see black pudding offered. The hash brown looked to be home made and were delicious!

I went for something a little less traditionally English, with a waffle, smoky streaky bacon and maple syrup. It was truly delicious, with just the right amount of syrup. The bacon was crispy, but my only criticism was that it was almost a little too well done and a bit chewy- but tasted yummy!

Sugar Pink Food Breakfast Rating 

Food **** Atmosphere *****  Service *****